Thank you!

One of Billy and Rebecca’s grandparents ordered a couple more DVDs of their wedding and in the envelope was this note on the left. It was really nice and I’m really glad that everyone enjoyed their Love Story and wedding video!

I thought I’d also add here what Billy and Rebecca said after they received their copies:

Danielle and Jared,

Our video is amazing!!!! We watched it the day we got back and were completely blown away. We’ve already watched it twice and plan on watching it some more. The day was perfect and Billy and I are soooo incredibly happy you were both able to capture all of it on film for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us. I can’t tell you how many people thought the ‘love story’ video was done so well and thought it was the greatest thing to have played before the wedding. Kudos!! I hope you get to do a lot more of those. It really made our ceremony unique and special to everyone that came. My dad’s secretary went on your website and watched it at work, love it so much she went home and made her husband watch it! I saw them on Friday and they really loved it (who knew guys would appreciate stuff like that). THANK YOU!!!

Thank you again for everything. We are thrilled to have our special day on
film, especially so we can see all the stuff we missed. It was fun watching
it with the family too. They love it just as much as we do.

Rebecca & Billy Styers

Thanks for the compliments you guys!! We loved working with you and you made it so easy for us to shoot such a great video. We hope to do a lot more Love Story videos too, we love getting to know your stories and being able to share them for generations to come!
Thanks again guys!
Danielle and Jared