Mia + Paul – Celebrate – San Diego Wedding Cinema

We always love to work with couples who incorporate their family traditions into the wedding along with their American ones. It certainly makes for a long day but the lion dance and belly dancers with snakes certainly gave us a second wind! All the color, tradition and Vietnamese food;)were wonderful at this wedding. Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Music – Circus of Love, by Benjamin Dunn, Licensed through The Music Bed

Venue – Centennial Park and Lucky Star Seafood Restaurant

Photography – Michelle Chiu Photography

DJ – DJ Slim

Flowers – Tessilk Flowers

Dancers – Shimmy Sisters

Cinema – SidebySide Cinema

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Anette + Art – To Inspire – San Diego Wedding Cinema

Annette and Art and their family had such a sweet ceremony and fun reception. They included their children in the ceremony and had touching vows for each other. The band at the reception was great and Art hopped up there toward the end to perform a few songs he’d been practicing with his [now] step-son. Enjoy!

Music – Dancing Shoes, by Green River Ordinance, licensed through The Music Bed

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Colleen + Glenn – Inextricably Intertwined – San Diego Wedding Cinema

I loved watching all the family dynamics at this wedding, Colleen’s family from out of town dealing with the CA traffic, the kids playing in the backyard, Glenn’s family tearing it up on the dance floor…it’s just so neat to see how weddings bring people together. There were some accidents on the freeway and nobody was sure if everyone would get where they needed to be in time, but thankfully, as you can see, it turned out wonderfully!

Music – New Medium, by Faded Paper Figures, licensed through The Music Bed


Venue – St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Admiral Kidd Club

Photography – Unveiled Weddings

DJ – SGM Events

Flowers – Whimsey Florals

Chair Covers – Chairish the Moment

Cake – Edelweiss Bakery

Glenn Aranas -

I did not have a chance to personally thank you for filming our wedding. I am so glad we decided to get a videographer for our wedding. Our wedding video has been watched by so many of our friends and family. I watch it myself all the time just to remember the feelings I had during that wonderful day. Both of you really captured the moment, and Colleen and I really appreciate it. Your work is amazing and people who pass up the opportunity to not have Side by Side Cinema do their video will never know what they are truely missing. Thank you again!

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Tatum + Dave – Home – San Diego Military Homecoming

What an emotional event to film – Tatum’s husband was coming home from the military and we got to shoot it for them. A wonderful and unique moment for us to be a part of. Thanks Tatum for including us in this and thanks Dave for all you do for our country! enjoy:)

Music – Feels Like Home, by Brooke Annibale, licensed through The Music Bed

Tatum Clark -

gets me every time! You guys are awesome. and of course I love the song!

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Lindsay + Lee – So Happy Together – San Diego Wedding Cinema

Not only are Lindsay and Lee so cute and happy together, they are hilarious! We always have a great time at weddings but with these two, it’s impossible not to have a smile on your face the whole time. I love the story of their relationship and the story of their day, ‘shirtastrophe’ and all. We all can see how happy you two are and we wish you the very best in your life together, congratulations.

Music: Let Love Be, by Chelsea Lankes, licensed through The Music Bed


Venue – Inn at Rancho Santa Fe
Coordinator – Ever After Events
Photography – Sean Walker
Band – Wayne Foster
Flowers – Annette Gomez
Cake – Cups in La Jolla
Rentals – Classic Party Rentals, Concepts Event Design & Flashback Stage Lighting
Caricatures – Caricatures by Dave

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2011 Christmas Card – Blooper Reel

Hopefully you all enjoyed our Christmas card back in December…if you didn’t see it, please watch it here before watching this blooper reel:)


I know we had stellar acting skills in the final product but how many takes did it take for such jaw dropping performances you ask? Well, turns out we aren’t cut out for acting. In fact what you’ll see below is all of the takes besides the one we actually used. Yes, we had ONE take that worked…

so enjoy our silly behind the scenes bloopers..a little pre-academy awards treat:)

rebekah -

hilarious! puts me in the christmas spirit all over again.

Betsy mcCue -

You guys KILL me!!! I would’ve totally lost it just as many times, for sure ;) Thanks for the teehee!!

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Annamarie + Chris – Teamwork – San Diego Wedding Cinema

We enjoyed working with Annamarie and Chris twice, for their ‘your story’ – Modern Romance and then for their wedding. Their film was a hit at the reception and the rest of their wedding was super fun as well. They are just such a fun and funny couple. Their precious little baby was along for the ride all day too. They had a Chargers/Disney theme which is probably the most unique theme mix we’ve seen yet, hah. enjoy…go team!!

Music – So In Love, by The Icarus Account, licensed through The Music Bed


Venue – Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa

Photography – Jenny Thai

DJ – Disc Go Round

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