Event Cinema Workshop – Chicago

We had a wonderful time at the Event Cinema Workshop in Chicago a few weeks ago. We learned so much from Stillmotion, Pacific Pictures and Joe Simon Films. The first day we spent learning from the three and boy did we learn a lot! At the end of the first day we were put into random groups and were told that we would be working on a project the next day together. So that night we all got together with our groups to decide the roles for each person and plan the film. The rules: 4 hours to shoot a 30-60 second film, to the theme ‘Time’, edited to a particular piece of music, no dialogue and we had use of a model.

The second day we learned more and then broke off to shoot our films! It was a fun and challenging experience because we’re not used to being able to have so much control and planning out shots. Chicago was fun to shoot and our model turned out to be a great actress as well, which was a pleasant surprise. After we all finished shooting we all got the footage and every person could edit their own version. We just found out that my version of our team’s video was chosen as a finalist for some prizes that are on the line! So exciting:)

So…if I could ask once again, please take a minute to vote for my edit of Time (from Kevin’s team – team A woot!)

Here’s the video, click here to vote:

And here are some behind the scenes photos:

Here’s Jared’s edit of his team’s concept:

music from both films courtesy of With Ettiquette

again, thanks for getting us to this awesome workshop everyone, we really appreciate all the support! and we enjoyed seeing our bride, sylvia, from last year’s chicago wedding!! happy anniversary!

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Reema + Manu – Hilton Torrey Pines – San Diego Wedding Cinema

It was so fun getting to spend so much time with these families over the weekend. We started the evening before the wedding with the Sangeet full of family performances, delicious food and dancing. You might notice a group of people all dancing the same moves who all memorized the routine of Jai Ho (the song at the end of Slumdog Millionaire) That was awesome!! The celebrations continued the next morning in the rain as they put on all their beautifully detailed attire and headed to the ceremony starting with Manu on horseback – luckily the rain ceased for that part of the day. After a fourteen hour day for us, filled with wonderful food, it ended with the Vidai farewell. Congratulations you two.


Music: Take me to the Beautiful, by Cloverton, licensed through  The Music Bed


Venue – Hilton Torrey Pines

Coordinator – Coronado Weddings

Photography – Paul Barnett

Cinema – SidebySide Video

DJ – Riamu

Food – Toast Catering,  Pacific Events, & Jay Bharat

Makeup – Paula Mayer

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Contest Winners – San Diego Cinema

We’re so excited that you all voted for our recent short film for the Stillmotion contest! We won the Chicago Event Cinema Workshop with Patrick from Stillmotion, Kevin from Pacific Pictures, and Joe from Joe Simon Wedding Films. It was a whirlwind this past week, finding out we won, buying plane tickets and spending two packed amazing days full of great info, community and practice. We are so thankful for being able to have this opportunity and can’t wait to improve our cinema with what we’ve learned.

Here’s our winning video – an answer to the question, what inspires your cinema? And you can find links to our videos from past contests here (‘gateway‘, ‘isolation‘ and our first and favorite, ‘found‘)


Here’s a pic of us with our teachers Joe, Kevin and Patrick. We’ll be posting another blog soon about our workshop soon:)


Rena Frey -

WOW!!! You two are so talented! Great video! Congrats on winning! :)

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Carrie & Tim – Long Beach Museum of Art – Long Beach Wedding Cinema

Fun fun, all around! Carrie and Tim are so cute, I loved the decor and the newlywed game they played right after the grand entrance. The favors were cute little planted succulents and the name cards were made out of cut up skateboards – such a cool idea! We had a great time with you guys, congratulations and enjoy:)

Music – Towering, by Seryn, licensed through The Music Bed


Venue – Long Beach Museum of Art

DJ – Station Identification

Photography – Jonathan Moore

Cake – Sweet Traders

Flowers – CJ Matsumoto

Ceremony Music – Golden Scroll Soloists

Click here to see what Carrie and Tim had to say about us.



Jane -

From the shot of the little boy making faces in the mirror to the ring shot at the end, you did such an amazing job on this video. Beautiful couple and a beautiful memento…you guys are amazing!!!

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Annamarie & Chris – Modern Romance – Your Story Video

This couple is so awesome!! We just shot their wedding last night, which was a ton of fun, and aired their ‘Your Story’ video we shot a little while back. They are big fans of the TV show Modern Family and so we shot their story in homage to that show. It seemed like a big hit, they definitely got the crowd laughing and cheering with their comedy. We had a blast making this with them and hope you enjoy it:)


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Emily & Ricardo – San Diego Botanic Gardens – San Diego Wedding Cinema

Emily and Ricardo had a lovely picnic themed wedding at the Botanic Gardens. Their ceremony was so pretty with the light that day and their reception was so fun. They had all different kinds of hamburgers and the favors were mini ketchup and mustard bottles. Emily’s friends had a band who played throughout the night and they really kept the party going! The grand exit was cool too, using colorful streamers which turned out really cute. Congratulations Emily and Ricardo, we loved all the beauty at your wedding!

Music: Will You Love Me, by the Vespers, licensed through The Music Bed


Venue – San Diego Botanic Gardens

Coordinator – First Comes Love

Photography – Anjuli and heyjonny

Band – Emily & the Nephews

DJ – Brannan Entertainment

Cake – V.G. Donuts and Bakery

Flowers – Magnolia Flower Shoppe

Photo Booth – Priceless Moments

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Melissa & Jared – Skirball Center – Los Angeles wedding Cinema

We’d never been to the Skirball Center before this wedding but what a great venue! Melissa and Jared started with some Jewish traditions and then invited all their guests to a full ceremony at sunset. The ceremony location was just gorgeous and the ballroom was fantastic at the reception. They had some great speeches and instead of a cake, brought in donuts from their favorite place to share with everyone. We had a great time with you M&J, congratulations!


Music: Falling, by Secrets in Stereo, licensed through The Music Bed


Venue – Skirball Center

Coordinator – Greg Phelan

Photography – Zelo

Band – City Connections Entertainment

Cinema – SidebySide Cinema

Design  - Luna Gardens Events

Stewart -

Awesome work you two!!!! Outstanding!!

Yvonne -

Your detail shots are just wonderful. This couple looks so happy and full of fun. Congratulations to them.

Kim Vo -

I just realized when watching this a second time that, I can actually see Danielle using the slider on the cup! xD

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