Hilton Bayfront – Megan + Harrison Wedding Film

San Diego’s Hilton Bayfront hotel is such an awesome spot for weddings! They have towering views over San Diego’s downtown and they are walking distance to the gaslamp district. The rose gold jewelry was just beautiful and they even painted some of the flowers to match. The ladies had a great time during the getting ready time and were laughing most of the time. The girls wore blush pink which complimented the rose gold very well. Megan’s headband was so cute and her bouquet was fantastic.

Harry also had a great time with the guys, they had a little trouble with the pocket squares. I will definitely post a video on that someday because this isn’t the first time! His guys toasted him and then the guys and girls took photos separately. They didn’t do a first look which doesn’t seem to be as common these days but they wanted to save that moment for the aisle.

The ceremony was overlooking the ocean and it was so sweet. Their vows could not have been sweeter and we loved getting to know more about them. The vows were so sweet that the officiant even had them hug after each of them spoke. So great!

The Hilton Bayfront was great for a reception and Bliss Events did a great job coordinating everything. The cocktail hour was on the balcony overlooking the ocean and the guests could take instant photos for the guest book. I loved that in their candy “bar” they each had one that was their favorite. That was a nice touch. The cake was very pretty and the gold glitter on it was a nice touch! They had meaningful speeches and beautiful dances. And during open dancing there was one of the longest dance circles I think we’ve ever seen.

They were such a sweet couple and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Here’s their story:

From the couple:

Harrison and I watched the wedding films and they were all breathtaking!! You guys did such a wonderful job, thank you so much!


Music – A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Hilton Bayfront

Planner – Bliss Events

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – Pauline Conway Photography

DJ – Mix N’Hits

Flowers – Moments in Bloom

Cake – Cute Cakes

Rentals – Quest Drapes & Chivari Chair

Hair and Makeup – PaperDoll Salon

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Loews Coronado Bay Resort – Lauren + Jessica Wedding

Loews Coronado Bay Resort is just such a beautiful venue! You really can’t beat the ocean views and the Coronado Bridge in the background. These two had such fun getting ready rooms. They were actually facing each other in different buildings but it wasn’t planned that way. So we had to be a little creative to make sure they weren’t seeing each other from across the way!

I loved Jessica’s mug and the little flower girls and ring bearer were adorable. They bounced back and forth between the rooms and were the comic relief to ease the brides’ nerves. Lauren sent Jessica a very sweet gift of little maps from important places in their relationship. She absolutely loved it. Jessica gave her mom a sweet gift as well. And something I thought was so cute was that they could kiss because they were wearing the same lipstick. I have to try that with my mom or daughter someday!

Lauren was having too much fun with her wedding party, dancing and enjoying drinks in their personalized cups. She got a little nervous but I think all the dancing calmed her down. She got to have a little first look with her dad which was sweet. Then we all headed down for the first look once everyone was finished getting ready. They had a sweet private first look and then photo time with the whole wedding party.

One of my favorite things about Loews Coronado Bay Resort is the patio leading into the ceremony site. It’s just so lovely with some tropical trees and fire places. Lauren and Jessica had a pre ceremony cocktail time where the guests got to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, yum! We loved that they had each set of their parents include writings in the ceremony and they wrote their vows together.

The reception was gorgeous with beautiful flowers and an amazing cake. They had wonderful speeches and the entire wedding had no problem dancing the night away. We hope you enjoy this lovely wedding!

From the brides: We just watched our movies, and you two did such an amazing job!  We absolutely love both the highlight film and the feature film!  It’s amazing getting to re-live our wedding day.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! <3


Music – I do (Choose You) by Melody Federer, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Coordinator/Design/Decor – Coastyle events

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photographer – She Wanders Photography

Ceremony Music – Palm Springs Harpist

DJ – Ansom Productions

Hair & Makeup – Three Ways beautiful

Flowers – Flowers by Annette Gomez

Officiant – A Wedding Celebration

Cake – Babycakes

Rentals – Concepts and Arc de Belle


Robin Silk -

Just beautiful!!!

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Martin Johnson House – Molly + Shane Wedding Film

We really enjoyed making this wedding film at the Martin Johnson House. Molly and Shane are so adorable! They had such thoughtful gifts for their wedding party and for their parents. It was so funny because Shane actually forgot his shirt and so he had to borrow one of his groomsmen’s shirt while someone else went to get his. I loved the unique shirts that Molly gave to her girls and loved how supportive and excited they all were for her.

They had their first look on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific right next to their Martin Johnson House venue. They were so cute during their first look and just seemed so happy to see each other. It was so fun how they each spun each other around. They shared cards and got to spend a few minutes of alone time together before all the craziness of the wedding day began. The wedding ceremony was just sweet under a hoopah that their friend had made with the most beautiful huge flowers.

The reception air was peppered with paragliders from Torrey Pines soaring overhead as the guests filled the four long tables. The food was delicious and the desserts perfectly simple. Each guest found a personalized note to them at their seat, which I couldn’t believe a bride and groom would have the time for!! After the very sweet speeches, the guests worked their way toward the photobooth and dance floor and laughed and danced the night away. Their wedding film was much too fun to make with all the fun and sweet things going on all day.

Please enjoy this wonderful couple!

Words from the Bride and Groom:

Oh my GOODNESS! We just received our dvds and we can’t stop watching! You captured our day and our spirits so beautifully-we really could not have asked for more! We are elated and SO thankful that we have this wonderful footage that will allow us to relive our perfect day for the rest of our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We will be singing your praises to all of our bride-and-groom-to-be friends 🙂

Awesome Vendors:

Venue – Martin Johnson House
Music – Flowers in your Hair, by the Lumineers, licensed through Songfreedom
Planner – Tres Chic Affairs
Film – SidebySide Cinema
Photography – Half Full Photography
DJ – ILLEET Entertainment
Flowers – Compass Floral
Tables/Chairs – Farm Tables and More, Inc.
Cake – Twiggs Bakery
Catering – Coast
Photobooth – Pixter
Hair – Denise Barrow Salon
Makeup – Neiman Marcus

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Talega Golf Club – Kerry + Christian Wedding Film

We hope you enjoy this wedding film at the Talega Golf Club! Kerry and Christian were so much fun! One of our favorite things about being able to film weddings is just being around people who are having a great time. It was so awesome just watching Kerry enjoy every moment with her wedding party getting ready. She had to wear a pillowcase in order to get her dress on which made everyone laugh! And she got her dad a Man Crate and it was awesome watching him take a while trying to open that. His gift from her was very cute as the watch had their ceremony time on it already and the note said, “See you at 3”. I thought it was really cute that in their vows, they each mentioned that she talks about her students a lot. It’s always fun when couples say similar things in their vows.

They were just so cute together and there was so much laughing involved from everyone! I love Kerry’s mom’s toast idea, incorporating journal entries from when Kerry was younger, and I love that Christian knew she was the one from the start. They got married at the Talega Golf Club in San Clemente and it was a great location for everything. They had someone painting the reception and milk and cookies as the night went on. Actually, all of the vendors were a joy to work with. When we can have a fun time with the vendors and the couple, it makes our job so amazing.

What a fun wedding! Hope you enjoy their wedding film.

From the Bride and Groom:

We are absolutely in love and cannot thank you and Jared enough. You literally captured every detail of our day.

Music – See you, by Tyrone Wells, licensed through Songfreedom
Venue – Talega Golf Club
Photographer – Aaron Dieppa
DJ – Extreme DJ Service
Flowers – Ninfa’s Flowers
Cake – It’s all about the Cake
Hair – Swell Beauty
Makeup – Robyn Michael’s Salon

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Promo Film – DJ David Cutler

David was so much fun to work with!! We have worked a few weddings with him over the years so when he asked us to work on a promo film for his website, we were so excited. It was fun being able to use footage from past weddings we’ve done together and then get to hear a bit about what drives him. He’s a hardworking DJ who does an incredible job of keeping the dance floor packed. It’s always great to work with awesome vendors at a wedding, and then to get to work with them outside of “work” is even better!

David talks about his passion for music and where it all began, and of course his motivation for doing what he does best. We got to head to some of his favorite places like the beach and some hikes he likes to go on with his dog. We love how it all came together. If you’re looking to add some video flair to your website, definitely get in touch!

Here’s what David had to say:

The video looks amazing!!  I’m very impressed! I love the video aTON! & song you chose is awesome!!!! I can’t wait to share it with the world! Thank you again!!!  I love it!

Hope you enjoy David’s promo film!!

Song licensed through Songfreedom

A little behind the scenes screen cap. It’s just such a blessing to be able to not only do what we love to do, but to capture someone else’s passion for their craft. Our passion is finding your story and helping you share your passion with the world! Help us tell the story of your business because it really helps get you more traffic on your website. We absolutely love shooting promo films and we would love to do yours. Let us know what you think of David’s!

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Hotel Del Coronado – Michael + Leslie Proposal

We had so much fun filming these two at the Hotel Del Coronado!! It’s so exciting for us to see the start of things since we’re usually shooting weddings. We don’t usually get to see how it all began. We were so excited when Michael first contacted us to let us know that he was thinking about proposing to his girlfriend. They are from the East Coast and they’d be taking a trip here to San Diego and she had no idea!

On the day, we met with him in the lobby to mic him up and we asked where she thought he was. He told her he was buying some Tylenol. We asked her later if she had any clue and she said that he had been acting strange. Plus she thought he’d been gone quite a long time for just buying one item, but she still had no idea.

He walked her down to the beach and we tried to hide as best as we could along with the photographers, Michelle Johnson Photography. They were hoping for sunny San Diego skies, but it was pretty June gloomy. We thought the skies were beautiful and it made for some pretty even light. Of course the Hotel Del Coronado backdrop was awesome. Leslie thought someone might take her shoes when they took their shoes off! We laughed about that later.

We thought that she’d notice us but later she said she thought we were just one of the many tourists with cameras. Of course, that’s what we were hoping she’d think! Our favorite moment was of course when he dropped to one knee. We couldn’t hear what they were talking about since we were so far away. But we could see her saying yes and hugging him. It was so fun to work on this and see how it would all turn out.

Congratulations guys!

Music – Hey, Ho, by the Lumineers, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Hotel Del Coronado

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – Michelle Johnson Photography

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Twin Oaks House – Steffany + Adam Wedding Film

The Twin Oaks House and Gardens was such a beautiful backdrop for this couple. I mean, look at her dress, does that not just fit this venue perfectly? This was such a fun day! It helped that our couple was either smiling or laughing the entire day…or crying tears of joy. It was yet another wedding threatened by rain and yet another wedding with perfect weather!

One of our favorite parts was watching them open their gifts to each other. His card said that he should save his gift for the cake table which made him wonder, but when he opened it, he realized it was a hatchet. All the guys thought that was pretty cool. Her gift we already knew about because he surprised her by contacting us ahead of time to edit their proposal video. So she got a note that said to get tissues, open the iPad, and press play. All the ladies got teary eyed and they just loved it. The bridesmaids were a crack up and kept me entertained!

They waited until the very last minute after the first look to decide if the ceremony would be outside and it was a good thing they decided to risk it as it ended up staying nice the rest of the day. They had a great time with photos and the reception was super fun. Their tables were all themed by places they’d traveled and even the guests had luggage tags as their name cards. The individual pies for dessert were adorable and they had photos of all their married friends as part of the decor. What a great way to honor marriage!

They are two peas in a pod and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

From the Bride and Groom:

We were so excited to watch it when it came and have watched it a couple times now. 🙂 It turned out great! Thanks for capturing everything and all your hard work since the wedding.

Music – This is Love, by Krysta Nick, licensed through Songfreedom
Venue – Twin Oaks House and Gardens
Photographer – Dan Rice Photography
Film – SidebySide Cinema
Flowers – Studio Fleurish
Hair and Makeup – Rare Birds Brides

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