Cari and Mark – Teaser

Here’s a little snippet of Cari and Mark’s wedding. I just absolutely love love the last clip with Marc whispering into Cari’s ear and Cari laughing.  They are so happy together.
[film no longer online]

There will definitely be more to come!

Yvonne -

I loved the shot with the rainbow sparkles on the flower arch, but the food…those desserts looked amazing! Where was this wedding?


Hi Yvonne…the wedding was at the La Jolla Shores Hotel on the beach. It was a fantastic location!

Rachel and Mark – Ceremony Highlights – Camp Pendleton

Hey all, this week I’ll be catching up on lots of weddings!! So stay tuned :)Today I’m posting a ceremony highlight video from Rachel and Mark’s wedding. Here’s a video still from their day, so pretty!!

And here’s the video clip, enjoy!

[film no longer online]

Jen -

I was wondering how you chose someone for to do your wedding videography? There just seem to be so many people out there. Should I look at their previous work and then decide? Or should I just go with my gut?

Coming soon…

Jared and I and our friends Seth and Dez (of Zelo Photography and Drag’n’Drop Video) are currently working on a little project for a small film festival in LA. It’s actually going to be a 3 minute film on 8mm film (hence the name 50 foot reels). After the show we’ll post the video.

Stay tuned…

Seth Mondragon -

after the show we’ll post the video?? Umm, don’t you mean FILM???? *sigh* Some people never learn 🙂 Just kidding…I can’t freakin wait!!!

Jason -

Hey, where’s my credit? You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!!!

SidebySide Video -

oh, and jason’s writing our FILM!

there, happy?


Jason -

Ok, now I feel better. 🙂

Eric and Tracy’s Ceremony Highlights – The Dana

Eric and Tracy are an awesome and fun couple from Chicago. They had a destination wedding out here in San Diego on Sept. 27th. Of course they were probably hoping for one of our normally blazing hot and sunny San Diego days but that was a chilly weekend. Everything turned out beautifully though. We put together a fun highlight video of their ceremony for them to show at their second reception in Chicago! They said that everyone absolutely loved it! That makes us happy 🙂

The original version also includes a “growing up” slide show, but here we’re just showing the ceremony highlight video. Be sure to notice the guy on the boat flashing the wedding in the background after their vows…I guess that’s what can happen if your wedding is outside! A little comic relief never hurt anyone.

So watch and enjoy!
[film no longer online]

Elite Hawaii Weddings!

Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce you to Elite Hawaii Weddings! A good friend of ours Susie Linquist thought of a way to have great quality vendors for destination weddings all in one location! If you or anyone you know is planning a destination wedding to Hawaii, go check out Elite Hawaii Weddings and find awesome vendors! We can’t wait to shoot a wedding in Hawaii, it’s such a beautiful place and the imagery will be stunning! We’re so excited to be a part of Elite Hawaii Weddings 🙂

So definitely check it out and pass it along. You will find the best of the best on here, Susie has made sure of that!

In other news, we’ve been super busy editing away. We have a few weddings to blog about that we haven’t gotten to. So stay tuned…

Heather and Michael Teaser Trailer

Here’s a little teaser trailer from Heather and Michael’s wedding. They had a really fun wedding and we had an awesome time getting to know them. Actually, they were just as excited about the new Batman movie coming out as we were! As it turned out, on the wedding day we asked if they had seen it since we last talked and Michael had seen it 5 times! So, we found a clip of music from The Dark Knight to use for this short little snack.Enjoy and stay tuned for their wedding on demand to see more from their wedding!

[film no longer online]

Yvonne Brett -

What a beautiful couple! The teaser is too short…looking forward to seeing the rest.

Anonymous -

I can’t wait to see the rest! Wow you guys are good–even though it is short it brought back emotions from the wedding! Beth (Heather’s mom)

Wedding Video On Demand!

It’s new! It’s here!

We’ve added a new feature for brides and grooms…called “Wedding Video on Demand”

This is a bonus feature for couples choosing our Full Package and our Elite HD Package and can be added on to the other packages.

We put your entire wedding video online for 1 to 2 months (depending on the package) for friends and family to view online from anywhere in the world. This is great for couples whose friends and family could not attend their wedding or are out of town. You can just send your personalized link to everyone you choose!

Check out our first couple “on demand” – Billy and Rebecca

Some other new things:

We’ve added a bunch of new video stills on our home page. Check those out here.

We’ve updated our pricing and now have a downloadable PDF for easier viewing. Check that out here.

Please let us know what you think. We always appreciate comments and feedback. And also, enjoy Billy and Rebecca’s wedding since they were so gracious to allow us to share it with you all.


Anonymous -

Thats a cool feature! I wish I had that for my wedding.

Yvonne Brett -

That is such a neat feature to offer. It is really good quality for something that loads that fast, and that will be really cool for people who can’t make it to the wedding.

I love that shot of Billy’s face when he first sees Rebecca.You really caught the emotion of the moment.