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We’re very excited to make an announcement later this week or early next week about something new we’re going to be offering! It’s a video option for our brides/grooms/and other clients. We think you’re going to like it.

Also, we have a few blogs coming up from a couple weddings we did and a few we still are going to do.

Stay tuned!


Thank you!

One of Billy and Rebecca’s grandparents ordered a couple more DVDs of their wedding and in the envelope was this note on the left. It was really nice and I’m really glad that everyone enjoyed their Love Story and wedding video!

I thought I’d also add here what Billy and Rebecca said after they received their copies:

Danielle and Jared,

Our video is amazing!!!! We watched it the day we got back and were completely blown away. We’ve already watched it twice and plan on watching it some more. The day was perfect and Billy and I are soooo incredibly happy you were both able to capture all of it on film for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us. I can’t tell you how many people thought the ‘love story’ video was done so well and thought it was the greatest thing to have played before the wedding. Kudos!! I hope you get to do a lot more of those. It really made our ceremony unique and special to everyone that came. My dad’s secretary went on your website and watched it at work, love it so much she went home and made her husband watch it! I saw them on Friday and they really loved it (who knew guys would appreciate stuff like that). THANK YOU!!!

Thank you again for everything. We are thrilled to have our special day on
film, especially so we can see all the stuff we missed. It was fun watching
it with the family too. They love it just as much as we do.

Rebecca & Billy Styers

Thanks for the compliments you guys!! We loved working with you and you made it so easy for us to shoot such a great video. We hope to do a lot more Love Story videos too, we love getting to know your stories and being able to share them for generations to come!
Thanks again guys!
Danielle and Jared

Rebecca and Billy – August 2, 2008 – North San Diego County

Hey All,Rebecca and Billy are a great couple together, so cute and so happy together. We have a new video to show you from their wedding! After doing their love story, we knew their wedding would be awesome! They each had special surprises for each other at the wedding which was great. Billy is a firefighter and so Rebecca had a groom cake made for him with little firefighter action figures on a burning building. There was even dry ice making smoke out of the top! His present to her was a song he wrote. Billy does not sing or play and instrument so this was a total surprise to Rebecca. He remembered an instrumental song that she mentioned on a date saying that she would love to see someone put lyrics to it. So he put lyrics to it and his friend taught him how to play guitar. It was really romantic and sweet! Actually, their whole wedding was, I nearly cried a few times! Plus everyone loved their love story (which was great for us to hear).
The video I’m posting is from their pre-wedding. Billy and Rebecca, your wedding was beautiful and we loved getting to know you and being able to capture your day!


[film no longer online]
Yvonne Brett -

I loved the song they picked for this one, and the rolling ring is brilliant. I did see another portion of this video where Billy is attempting to sing the song at the reception. I swear I was crying just like it was a Hallmark commercial. Your videos really capture some priceless moments that still photos can only allude to.

Harry and Rho – July 26, 2008 – California Spirit

Harry and Rho got married on the California Spirit while cruising around San Diego! It was a beautiful day and they had an awesome backdrop of the sun setting during their ceremony. They are an awesome couple, both engineers and moving to Indiana for grad school. Actually, that makes 3 of our couples this year who moved right after their weddings, crazy! So what we have here is a very short highlight video of their ceremony just to give you a taste.Enjoy the views and enjoy this happy couple Harry and Rho!
[film no longer online]
LynzMiller -

Great video guys.
That’s the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding. So pretty, gotta love Phantom of the Opera.

Rebecca and Billy – “Love Story” – North San Diego County

Hello loyal blog readers! We have something very exciting to show you. We had an awesome time getting together with Rebecca and Billy about a month ago to shoot their story. We put the whole thing together in order to show tonight at their wedding! It was great for all their guests to learn more about Rebecca, Billy and their story. They are a great couple and we had an awesome time working with them and getting to know them.Here is their “love story” (be sure to let it load all the way for smooth viewing):

[film no longer online]

Their wedding was so much fun and emotional and we’ll have more to come, so stay tuned!

Big Seth -

good job, guys! I got one for ya’ in a few days…stay tuned!

Yvonne Brett -

That was so fun to watch! I feel like I know who they are and I don’t even know them. It must have been great for the people at the wedding to see. Very creative!

susandubensky -

I loved this video! You two are so talented! I think I may just have to go to foothills and find me a hubby;) Totally kidding. Love you,Sus

nicole viola -

How sweet! Love their proposal story and great job editing that as usual!


Normally we’re not people who are up incredibly late, but when there’s a movie we know will deliver, we’re willing to do it! We went to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, last night. Did it deliver you might ask?? YES, yes it did!I won’t spoil anything, just want to thank Christopher Nolan for deciding that the Batman series needed a little re-doing. If you haven’t seen Batman Begins, definitely look into it and then follow it with this one, they are amazing.

I was also very surprised with the hundreds and hundreds of people also watching the midnight showing. I hate when I pay $10 for a movie only to have the experience ruined by people who want to talk through the whole thing. But last night, when the first credit came on, everyone cheered, then were silent for the entire movie, no cell phones or anything, it was amazing. Everyone was so respectful of each other (either that or tired). All in all, great movie experience and well worth my $10!

If you saw it, what did you think?

Susie Linquist Photography Ad – Encinitas, San Diego

Hello all!We are very excited to share this new video with you all. Susie Linquist Photography approached us a while back about working on a video advertisement to put on her website. Video ads are a great way to have people “get to know you” in a sense and would be great for any wedding vendor to have on their site. I remember when we were wedding planning and trying to choose a DJ, we asked them all if they had videos of themselves to show us and none of them did! This would be a great thing to show people who are planning their events so that they have an idea for how you work.

We help you storyboard and plan out your idea (talk to us about any and all ideas you have), film, edit and give you what you need to put it on your website and blog. Go to Susie’s blog to see how she posted it. We’ll also give you a DVD so you can show people a full-quality version. Plus, since we post blogs about our work, you’ll get a blog post about your video = free advertising! See our website for pricing.

So now, enjoy Susie’s video ad and contact us if you are interested in doing something for your website!

[film no longer online]

Alive Photos by Amy Leigh -

You guys rock! What an amazing job you did on this! I think I have watched it at least 10 times! 🙂

nicole viola -

awesome! I love you have clips of her shooting and then show the still photo that she was taking!