So here’s an example of what we do when we’re bored or don’t have a video to edit. We decided on Christmas Eve to make a video Christmas card (to send out Christmas Day) and make it as cheesy as possible, of course, so enjoy! and hope you had a great Christmas and New Years…d&j

Susie Linquist -

Loved this holiday card! Best of the year, by far!

I have finally added you to my blog 🙂 Sorry about the delay! Hopefully I’ll get you lots of business 🙂

Annual Christmas Card Video from SidebySide – 2016 » Side By Side Cinema | San Diego Wedding Videographer -

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One word to describe this wedding: classy! It was at the beautiful Pala Mesa Resort and was a gorgeous wedding and reception. One thing we do is put together montages throughout the wedding to get a sense for a part of the day without having to watch 3 hours of footage
(a “pre-wedding” or dancing montage for example). This is an example of a dancing montage and a very fun example. It’s a longer clip because it’s the whole montage, but it’s worth watching! They had everyone on the dance floor, young and old and if you are patient, about halfway through, you will see the father of the groom break dancing on the floor! You can see how much fun the bride and groom are having at their own wedding! I love editing the dancing montages because it is so fun to watch everyone and how happy they are and how much fun they are having at the wedding. It would also be fun to pull that out one day to show your kids “how badly uncle whoever danced back then!”

Watch and enjoy!

This wedding was a very fun wedding! We just remember a lot of laughing, joy and just fun people. The clip we are posting for this wedding is of their exit from the ceremony on their way to their reception. This is definitely the most successful bubble-blowing exit we have ever seen and it made for a fun exit video. She was laughing so hard and told me later that she was having so much fun at this point! Running backwards down steps to get this shot was probably dangerous, but it was worth it!

Watch and enjoy!

Here is a clip from the first wedding we did. There are two reasons we like this clip. First of all, we love the music they chose for their whole ceremony, it made their wedding video seem like a real movie! They used instrumental Radiohead music for a lot of the ceremony done by Christopher O’Riley; it was awesome.The music you hear in this clip is from the last scene in Life Aquatic, a Wes Anderson film. The second reason we love the clip is why we love to do videography in the first place, to capture those funny and cute things that happen when you least expect them and as the bride, don’t get to see in this case. The little boys bringing the bread and juice for communion were so cute and a little nervous!
Watch and enjoy!

This will be the new home of the sidebyside productions blog! The purpose of this blog will be to talk about different jobs or projects we are working on or to show favorite clips from wedding or events.