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Here’s the Video you’re looking for! Jared’s “groom intro” video. We wanted to give Jared a big entrance since the day is usually all about the bride (me in this case). People really liked it and he got a big applause when he finally got there!Here’s the link if you didn’t get the paper and don’t know what I’m talking about: CLICK HEREPlease enjoy!

[film no longer online]

Melanie Collier -

Dear Jared and Danielle, Your site is awesome! You have done a great job putting this together. And it looks like your business is getting a nice start. I pray God’s favor and blessings upon it and the two of you!!

Way to go!
Melanie Collier

SidebySide Video -

thanks melanie!

"Trash the Dress" – March 9, 2008

A couple weeks ago we got to do a “trash the dress” shoot. I put it in quotes because it’s kind of a misnomer. The idea of the shoot is for brides to have a chance to put their dresses back on and take pictures after their weddings without the worry of getting their dress dirty. Susie Linquist, who did our wedding photography, let us know about this event, and boy was it an event! There were tons of photographers and models. We actually went as models but brought our camera and shot a bit ourselves. Enjoy this short video and the wonderful photography from that day!Go here to see the official website

[film no longer online]


Nicole Viola -

great video, and awesome photography. That sure looks like it was fun!

John Edgar -

My friend Susan Yee send me this, very very cool.. great work of cutting it together.

Sarah Elwer -

so much fun – I totally never thought of this – I wish I had – oh well!

Leon Li -

It was a fun day, and you two were awesome models!

Jared and Danielle – November 10, 2007

That’s right! We’re posting something from our very own wedding. So brides, I know exactly how stressful planning a wedding is, no matter how organized you are, I was just there, doing the same thing. This clip is Jared’s entrance. Weddings seem to always be about the bride, so we decided to let Jared have some fun and have a more exciting announcement. We filmed and edited this about a week before the wedding (a little last minute) but it proved to be a fun element to our ceremony. I’ll post some more of our wedding later! Enjoy!!



[film no longer online]

Nicole Viola -

too funny!! you guys are so creative. did you really show that video at your wedding? 🙂

Side by Side Productions -

yeah! we just thought it would be funny, but we did fool a few people! oops 🙂

Tammy -

Great idea! Congratulations – wish you a long life filled with hope, love, and faith – and your continued sense of humor. God bless.

Sylvia’s 40th – January 26, 2008

Ahh, finally an “event”. We say we do weddings and events, but have only posted clips of weddings so far. So, here is a clip of a birthday party. Sylvia’s family and friends threw her an awesome 40th birthday party bash! I wish I had been a guest! There was great food, a DJ, dancing, a beautiful cake and really fun games with awesome prizes. This clip is a montage of the games. I have to say, her guests were very good sports and looked like they had a blast with these games! They were creative too, so if you need ideas for a party, take notes while you watch!

Happy Birthday Sylvia!

Russell and Kelsi – December 9, 2007

Yet another beautiful wedding, yet another beautiful bride and groom. We have two clips to share with you in this posting. The first one is another example of a montage. This is a “pre-wedding” montage capturing a video-journalistic style of the bride and groom getting ready with their attendants. The nice thing about being a husband/wife team is that Jared can go film the guys while I film the girls and no one is uncomfortable! The fun thing about these montages is that the guys can get a glimpse of what the day was like for the girls and vice versa.

Watch and enjoy!

The second clip we have here is just a short clip of our favorite part of this wedding, the groom’s face! They didn’t see each other before the wedding and we just loved watching his face as she walked down the aisle and he saw his lovely bride for the first time. He is so in love with her! And, something I haven’t seen at a wedding but thought was creative, they had their friends singing the “goin’ to the chapel” song live!

Watch and enjoy!

Nicole Viola -

great clips!! 🙂

Christmas Card 07

So here’s an example of what we do when we’re bored or don’t have a video to edit. We decided on Christmas Eve to make a video Christmas card (to send out Christmas Day) and make it as cheesy as possible, of course, so enjoy! and hope you had a great Christmas and New Years…d&j

Susie Linquist -

Loved this holiday card! Best of the year, by far!

I have finally added you to my blog 🙂 Sorry about the delay! Hopefully I’ll get you lots of business 🙂

Annual Christmas Card Video from SidebySide – 2016 » Side By Side Cinema | San Diego Wedding Videographer -

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