One thing that was interesting about marrying my husband and starting a videography business is that he is a “PC” guy and I’m a “Mac” girl. Our friends joke about how we are even able to get along with such differences. Well, we’ve managed and all joking aside…whatever people think about apple products, at least they have smokin’ commercials!! I generally hate commercials but apple has great ideas…the mac vs. pc continuous ones have been punchy and fun, the ipod ones are artsy and modern, the iphone ones made me want an iphone…bad…and I absolutely love the newest one. I saw it during So You Think You Can Dance? I like Coldplay too so maybe that’s part of it, but I just think that this commercial is really well done, good song, great visuals.

[film no longer online]


Karina and Todd – Dance Montage – Coronado

FUN FUN FUN! is all we can say about this couple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have this much fun at their wedding before! They had almost everyone on the dance floor the whole time, which makes for an awesome dance sequence…

So, hold tight, let this video load for a minute and enjoy this awesome dance sequence. Have fun in Italy you two!

Here are some of the other awesome vendors we worked with that day:
susan yee – en pointe photography
melanie chiong (coordinator) – something blue weddings
daniel peterson (dj) – disco friend
venue – island club (on coronado)

Ziba -

sarita is in it but only caught a few glimpses of me in the green! great video though. please dont stop the music!

SidebySide Video -

oh, sorry! hope you enjoyed it anyway 🙂


We don’t have tons of time to watch TV and we really can’t stand commercials, but here are some of our guilty pleasures…with some explanations 😉
Lost: Well, that show doesn’t need much explaining. If you have never seen it, please start from the very first episode and pay attention; no folding laundry or needlepoint during this show! We especially love the editing and the writing, and it shows in HD which is super awesome…And, if you’re a super nerd, you can go to lostpedia. That’s right, Lost has it’s own Wiki with all the theories and character links. Season finale this week!!

The Office: Some people are not into this show because they like the British version better. I’ve never seen the British version, so I’ll claim ignorance. I do like this version especially when they tone down Steve Carell’s character a bit, he can definitely be too much. What I want to know is what happened after the writer’s strike? The Office was very hit and miss the last few episodes…hmm. I do like the website with all the character blogs, they’re fun.

Grey’s Anatomy: Definitely my guilty pleasure…To be honest, I’ve always liked doctor shows. My mom and I used to watch E.R. for years! But I’ve gotten into Grey’s Anatomy and have given up on E.R. I really like the music choices and “artsy” feel they give the show, even though it usually is way over the top. But my husband watches it with me, that’s all I can ask for 🙂

So You Think You Can Dance?: How can you not get into this show? It’s just like American Idol; the first few episodes make fun of people, there’s an annoying female judge, and a male British judge who is the only one with any sense. But why I like it better than American Idol is because it’s with dancing and I understand dancing better than singing.

So, there’s a little insight into our not-so-thrilling tv watching habits.

Stay tuned, Karina and Todd’s dancing montage to come later this week!

Sarah Elwer -

I love Grey’s and the office too!!! The other two I have never watched – ever- but I’m sure I would like them if I actually watched them. So about the office… i LOVED the last episode! I thought is brought up so many new story lines for next season and then the one where they go to have dinner at Michael’s house… oh my gosh – I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, it was just to awkward!!!

Anyways, have you ever seen “House” on Fox, or “Project Runway” on Bravo? Those are my other two favorites!

Jason -

Danielle, I will loan you my copy of the BBC Office (I have the entire series) and it will blow the doors of perception wide open for you.


Michael Bay

Jared and I love movies, absolutely can’t get enough and from time to time we’ll write a movie review on here or talk about someone we like…

So for today, we want to talk about Michael Bay. He’s produced, acted, directed, etc…he’s pretty multi-talented. But we like some of the movies he’s directed like Transformers and The Island. If there’s one thing he’s great at, it’s blowing things up and I think that’s why we like those movies so much. With all the digital advances, it is still really hard for me to sit through a movie that is mostly digital, it’s so fake it really pulls me out of the moment and that is the complete opposite of what a successful movie should do. When movie makers are willing to spend the money to blow things up, we think it’s worth it!

Anyway, the point of this blog is that we found a fun video for a Verizon ad. and he’s pretty much making fun of how “awesome” his explosive movies are. Watch and enjoy!!

Nicole Viola -

That was awesomely funny. We have a friend that worked as a production assignment on Transformers.

SidebySide Video -

oh wow! how fun that must have been. i would love to just be on a set and watch how they all work!

Karina and Todd Wedding Teaser Trailer

On May 10th we got to shoot the wedding of Karina and Todd. They are an awesome couple, so much fun to be around and great dancers! They got everyone on the dance floor and definitely had a great time on their wedding day. The dancing shots are still to come, but we decided to try something a little new and post a teaser trailer. We are big movie buffs and love how exciting the short trailers are. Plus, this couple has experience with filming so we thought they’d enjoy it! So, here’s a little something to get you excited about Karina and Todd’s wedding:

[film no longer online]


Nicole Viola -

oooh! you hooked me! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Ziba -

can’t wait to see it! i have a feeling there are some dancing shots im in …what fun!

Susie Linquist -

Love this one!

"Red Light Movement" – April 27, 2008

We had the opportunity to film quite a different event this past weekend! It was a donation walk near Balboa Park to raise awareness about human trafficking. Many people know about labor and sex trafficking around the world but it’s a big problem here in San Diego too. It’s definitely an issue worth knowing about. So enjoy the quick recap of the benefit walk! 

[film no longer online]

and visit the official website to learn more…

Stephanie & Kevin – March ’08

Stephanie and Kevin had a lovely outdoor wedding. The weather was awesome and the sunset was beautiful. The venue, Oceanside Marina Inn, is really nice for an outdoor beach wedding. There are some rocks that keep it from getting too windy and you get a great view of the water without getting sand everywhere. It’s a nice situation!

[film no longer online]

This video is of their pre-wedding. The bride and groom did things quite differently. She dressed more formally and he went for a more casual look! All in all, they turned out looking great and had a great wedding and party.


Sarah Elwer -

good song! very cute 🙂