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Trip Video – Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands

So since it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I only finished this video a couple days ago, I figured it would be appropriate to share it with you now… Jared and I decided to take a longer trip over the summer of ’09 and visit some places we’d always wanted to go. Some of the best…

Rachel -

I can’t even tell you how much this video made my day. You guys are so amazing at all of this video stuff…even when you’re on vacation. I LOVE IT!

sarah elwer -

Oh my gosh i literally started to cry i was laughing so hard at the sheep part! That was so funny! Also what the heck was up with that toilet?

Helena -

I seriously laughed out loud at “I’m on a boat”! Looks like an amazing trip!

Pat -

Cool! Love seeing the local Dutch woman riding a bike. Like the interview where the lady is happy to walk to the “pub”.
I will not report you to the authorities for abusing the sheep.