Russell and Kelsi – December 9, 2007

Yet another beautiful wedding, yet another beautiful bride and groom. We have two clips to share with you in this posting. The first one is another example of a montage. This is a “pre-wedding” montage capturing a video-journalistic style of the bride and groom getting ready with their attendants. The nice thing about being a husband/wife team is that Jared can go film the guys while I film the girls and no one is uncomfortable! The fun thing about these montages is that the guys can get a glimpse of what the day was like for the girls and vice versa.

Watch and enjoy!

The second clip we have here is just a short clip of our favorite part of this wedding, the groom’s face! They didn’t see each other before the wedding and we just loved watching his face as she walked down the aisle and he saw his lovely bride for the first time. He is so in love with her! And, something I haven’t seen at a wedding but thought was creative, they had their friends singing the “goin’ to the chapel” song live!

Watch and enjoy!

Nicole Viola -

great clips!! 🙂