Michael Bay

Jared and I love movies, absolutely can’t get enough and from time to time we’ll write a movie review on here or talk about someone we like…

So for today, we want to talk about Michael Bay. He’s produced, acted, directed, etc…he’s pretty multi-talented. But we like some of the movies he’s directed like Transformers and The Island. If there’s one thing he’s great at, it’s blowing things up and I think that’s why we like those movies so much. With all the digital advances, it is still really hard for me to sit through a movie that is mostly digital, it’s so fake it really pulls me out of the moment and that is the complete opposite of what a successful movie should do. When movie makers are willing to spend the money to blow things up, we think it’s worth it!

Anyway, the point of this blog is that we found a fun video for a Verizon ad. and he’s pretty much making fun of how “awesome” his explosive movies are. Watch and enjoy!!