Susie Linquist Photography Ad – Encinitas, San Diego

Hello all!We are very excited to share this new video with you all. Susie Linquist Photography approached us a while back about working on a video advertisement to put on her website. Video ads are a great way to have people “get to know you” in a sense and would be great for any wedding vendor to have on their site. I remember when we were wedding planning and trying to choose a DJ, we asked them all if they had videos of themselves to show us and none of them did! This would be a great thing to show people who are planning their events so that they have an idea for how you work.

We help you storyboard and plan out your idea (talk to us about any and all ideas you have), film, edit and give you what you need to put it on your website and blog. Go to Susie’s blog to see how she posted it. We’ll also give you a DVD so you can show people a full-quality version. Plus, since we post blogs about our work, you’ll get a blog post about your video = free advertising! See our website for pricing.

So now, enjoy Susie’s video ad and contact us if you are interested in doing something for your website!

[film no longer online]