Rebecca and Billy – August 2, 2008 – North San Diego County

Hey All,Rebecca and Billy are a great couple together, so cute and so happy together. We have a new video to show you from their wedding! After doing their love story, we knew their wedding would be awesome! They each had special surprises for each other at the wedding which was great. Billy is a firefighter and so Rebecca had a groom cake made for him with little firefighter action figures on a burning building. There was even dry ice making smoke out of the top! His present to her was a song he wrote. Billy does not sing or play and instrument so this was a total surprise to Rebecca. He remembered an instrumental song that she mentioned on a date saying that she would love to see someone put lyrics to it. So he put lyrics to it and his friend taught him how to play guitar. It was really romantic and sweet! Actually, their whole wedding was, I nearly cried a few times! Plus everyone loved their love story (which was great for us to hear).
The video I’m posting is from their pre-wedding. Billy and Rebecca, your wedding was beautiful and we loved getting to know you and being able to capture your day!


[film no longer online]