Coming soon…

Jared and I and our friends Seth and Dez (of Zelo Photography and Drag’n’Drop Video) are currently working on a little project for a small film festival in LA. It’s actually going to be a 3 minute film on 8mm film (hence the name 50 foot reels). After the show we’ll post the video.

Stay tuned…

Seth Mondragon -

after the show we’ll post the video?? Umm, don’t you mean FILM???? *sigh* Some people never learn 🙂 Just kidding…I can’t freakin wait!!!

Jason -

Hey, where’s my credit? You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!!!

SidebySide Video -

oh, and jason’s writing our FILM!

there, happy?


Jason -

Ok, now I feel better. 🙂