DV Expo – Pasadena

Warning: Major nerdiness ahead.
So a couple weeks ago Jared and I and our friends Seth and Deseree from Zelo Photography headed up to L.A. to go to the DV Expo. For videographers, this is like heaven on earth! You get to check out all the latest digital video technology and equipment and you even get to play with it! We were running around like little children…and drooling a little. Our Amazon.com wishlist just got a whole lot bigger!
Of course none of us brought our still cameras so we only have iphone pictures from Dez (thanks Dez!) but you get the idea!
Here we are looking way too giddy – like our badges? We look all official and everything!
Here I am playing with the DV multi rig Pro! We definitely know these next few pictures look really nerdy but until you’ve tried using some of these things, don’t you judge us!
Here’s Jared playing with the Glidecam X-10! So anyone who wants to buy us a Christmas present…here is what we want:
This is the same equipment just from a different angle. You start sweating in it pretty much immediately, yikes! BUT, it’s pretty much the most amazing thing ever. That and the Brevis (which is sexy, right Seth?) add that to the Christmas list as well 🙂
It was a very educational day. We didn’t win any prizes from the drawing but we had a lot of fun getting inspired. My mind is blown!