Amanda and Sean – Wedding Recap – Admiral Kidd Club

Sean and Amanda got married at the Admiral Kidd Club in June! Their wedding was really unique in that they have a lot of grandparents who are still alive. A really cool thing they did to honor those grandparents was have all of them say something (a toast, a poem etc..) It is great that they got a video because now they will be able to remember all those kind words spoken by their family. Another cool thing they did was during the dancing time. They did a Tarantella (for the side of the family that is Italian) and a Hora (for the Jewish side of the family). I love it when people incorporate cultural activities into their weddings πŸ™‚ They chose a little Chicago to go with their recap video…


[film no longer online]

Venue – Admiral Kidd Club
Coordinator and Flowers – A Tailored Event
DJ – Disc Go Round
Photographer – abmfoto

seth -

I swear that groom kinda looks like me from the side (by side i love the guestbook fondle at 2:25. Very seductive!

Brian and Julia Davis -

Your creative videography is so well done! Not only would we like for you two to take pictures of us… one day we will have you video a special event for us. Absolutely superb job!

Yvonne -

oooh…I like the aerial shot, and such pretty views of the San Diego skyline. I love all the blues and the seashell theme with the wedding being next to the ocean. very nice!

Sharon -

Beautiful location and great shots of water, San Diego… . I like that Pastor too.