Laura and Jesus – Love Story Video

This love story is a MUST SEE!!! We love doing these types of videos and Laura and Jesus have such a fun story! We’re so excited for them, they just tied the knot today and we showed this video at their wedding. We’re so glad they realized that they were perfect for each other 🙂


[film no longer available online]

…because life moves

p.s. This video was shot only on 7ds 🙂

p.p.s. we love you guys, have a great honeymoon!

Yvonne -

Watching this at the wedding was so much fun! Even though I knew the whole story we were all cracking up at our table. Great job editing all that footage 🙂

Julia Davis -

They are so great together! You can totally tell that there was a lot of work that went into editing… great job!

Rhonda Harlan -

Hi guys,
Your mom said I should watch this and I am so glad that I did! What a wonderful story that unfolded over those 10 minutes!
Congrats to Jesus and Laura!
Rhonda Harlan

Irene Phillips -

That was super duper funny. It’s way pass this mama’s bedtime….but I couldn’t stop watching that video of those two. You captured well their personalities. Makes me want to know them more.

Great story line…and great video from you guys. Keep it up Danielle and Jared.

Jesus -

man I am hilarious! jk, No this was awesome thanks for shooting it,we should submit this to something!