Post 100 – contest!

Updated 5/1 – I put all the names in a hat and had Jared pick one – congratulations to our winner Jane! I’ll be contacting you by email to get you your prize of movie tickets!

Thanks to all of you who participated, we really appreciate your thoughts and I can’t wait to start editing some of these together, I feel so inspired.

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Hello brides and grooms and anyone else who follows our blog,

We hope your wedding planning is going well.

We have some fun wedding videos to share with you soon but I realized this was our 100th blog post and thought I should do something special!

We have been planning on editing together some inspiration boards like photographers do (check out Style Me Pretty for some examples) – but in video!

SO – what we need are ideas. Well, we have ideas but we want to know what you want to see! What would help you come up with ideas for your own wedding?

To make this a little more fun, if you leave a comment with ideas you will be entered to win a little contest (prize TBD) so please, comment away!

We’re excited to share ideas with the wedding community and hope that you enjoy watching our videos as much as we enjoy making them 🙂


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jon -

my fiance and i are really thinking about choreographing our first dance so we would love to see video of how those have turned out before.

Paula R. -

I really like this idea. I think that it would be cool to see lots of ideas for the reception, like the setup and flowers and center pieces.

Jeff -

I think one of the coolest things about the work that you guys do, in particular, is the focus you have on movement – not just camera movement, but the way a dress flows, a flower blows in the wind, things like that. To me, a cool theme for an inspiration board would be “Movement” – what cool ideas have you seen that bring something from a static position, to a flowing position? What can I do to make the details of my wedding come alive and pop, instead of simply “existing”?

Maria -

My favorite part of any wedding I go to is watching the grooms face as the bride walks down the aile so maybe it would be cool to see lots of examples of that special moment!

Jane -

I really enjoy seeing all the different displays for the cake or alternatives like the mini desserts, candy bar, etc. I love the creativity of the brides and how their personality comes out in their table decorations and favors.

anjuli paschall -

okay… here is my big huge idea … children 🙂 ring bearers, flower girls, kids laughing, dancing. everybody loves a cute kid.
i hope i win!

Kim -

When you make it look like you have happened upon a private moment…The bride and groom are talking or kissing and the rest of the wedding hubbub is going on in the background. It makes it look like the rest of the world is turning and they have stepped off for a moment.

Yvonne -

I think the biggest challenge is how to come up with creative ideas for the group shots of the attendants. The bigger challenge is when people want to do the big family shot…yikes! You don’t see too many of those posted 🙂 I would like to see more cool shots of the bride with grandma or grandpa. I think they would be really special later on.

Annalee -

I personally love seeing the father/daughter and mother/son dances at weddings. Not only are these two beautiful moments but the songs that are chosen give me tears.

Jane -

Thank you so much for choosing me for the prize!
We are going to enjoy going out to the movies 🙂