Tina + Junior – Sheraton San Diego Wedding

It was so fun getting to meet and work with Tina and Junior. They got ready down at the Sheraton San Diego. The guys were just full of laughs and were joking and teasing each other the whole time. It was great when the guys all lined up chasing Junior with his jacket. The ladies were having a super fun time as well. Tina thought it would be a fun surprise for all the ladies to wear vampire teeth for the photo session since their wedding was so close to Halloween. A lot of the getting ready time consisted of the girls trying to figure out how to put the teeth in. It was definitely the first time we’d seen that!! Tina’s dress and jewelry were fantastic, so glamorous and fancy. And her purple highlights were so cute!

Junior and Tina had a quick first look before the whole wedding party headed to Balboa Park for photo time. It was super crazy there. There was some Halloween celebration going on and there were kids in costume everywhere! The wedding party had tons of fun, especially with the girls in their fangs. They were definitely all having a great time.

The ceremony was at a Chaldean Church in San Diego. The sun was going down and the sky was beautiful! Their ceremony was meaningful and sweet. After the ceremony everyone went back to the Sheraton San Diego. The family and wedding party took more photos while the rest of the guests were having cocktail hour. I loved the reception decor, it was incredible! All the orchids and the sunken tables were fantastic. We’ve never seen that before. There were some more Halloween hints at the sweets table and the head table was just, wow!

Reception time was super high energy from the grand entrance to the Chaldean dances to the lion dances. Everyone had a really good time and I don’t think the dance floor was ever empty. We hope you enjoy this beautiful wedding!

Sheraton San Diego


Music – Counting Stars (Inst.) by One Republic – Licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Sheraton San Diego

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – La Vida Creations