Jess + Chris – Your Story Film

Ah, we had so much fun with Jess and Chris, first getting to know them while filming their love story film and then at their wedding just last month! They were supposed to have their wedding in 2020 along with so many others. It was so incredibly fun getting to see everyone back together at weddings this past month. It’s why I’ve gotten a little behind on posting these things, yay for the world coming back!

There were a few things that Jess and Chris said during their love story video that were so poignant and relatable for what everyone has gone through the last year and a half. I think everyone is just so thankful for the times we can spend together.

One thing that’s fun to include in these films is photos or videos from the past, in this case we used video from the proposal and the story behind that is really cute! They also brought their dog, who is also a big part of their story so that was really fun to learn about.

I think my favorite part about filming these is that I get to know our couples more and so the wedding day becomes just that much more fun!

We hope you enjoy their story and we hope you trust us with yours someday!