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Colleen + Glenn – Inextricably Intertwined – San Diego Wedding Cinema

I loved watching all the family dynamics at this wedding, Colleen’s family from out of town dealing with the CA traffic, the kids playing in the backyard, Glenn’s family tearing it up on the dance floor…it’s just so neat to see how weddings bring people together. There were some accidents on the freeway and nobody…

Glenn Aranas -

I did not have a chance to personally thank you for filming our wedding. I am so glad we decided to get a videographer for our wedding. Our wedding video has been watched by so many of our friends and family. I watch it myself all the time just to remember the feelings I had during that wonderful day. Both of you really captured the moment, and Colleen and I really appreciate it. Your work is amazing and people who pass up the opportunity to not have Side by Side Cinema do their video will never know what they are truely missing. Thank you again!

Amanda and Sean – Wedding Recap – Admiral Kidd Club

Sean and Amanda got married at the Admiral Kidd Club in June! Their wedding was really unique in that they have a lot of grandparents who are still alive. A really cool thing they did to honor those grandparents was have all of them say something (a toast, a poem etc..) It is great that…

seth -

I swear that groom kinda looks like me from the side (by side video.com) i love the guestbook fondle at 2:25. Very seductive!

Brian and Julia Davis -

Your creative videography is so well done! Not only would we like for you two to take pictures of us… one day we will have you video a special event for us. Absolutely superb job!

Yvonne -

oooh…I like the aerial shot, and such pretty views of the San Diego skyline. I love all the blues and the seashell theme with the wedding being next to the ocean. very nice!

Sharon -

Beautiful location and great shots of water, San Diego… . I like that Pastor too.