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Sara and Pat – Darlington House – La Jolla

Wow are these two in love…seriously…it was so cute 🙂 I was listening to Sara talk about Pat while she was getting ready, she really missed him – aww! They had a great wedding at the Darlington House. They really wanted to make their ceremony unique and so they took traditions from different cultures and…

Bethel Nathan -

Kudos on another gorgeous video done for a terrific couple! You guys do such wonderful work, and truly bring out the loving relationship through your scenes and moments captured. It is an honor to work with you!

Acres of Hope Photography -

Fantastic video, guys! So happy and sweet! I love it. 🙂

Danielle -

Ed Norton!

SidebySide Video -

yes danielle! that’s what i was going for 🙂

SidebySide Video -

and thanks bethel and erica, you did great work as well!!