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Grace and Frankie J – U.S. Grant – San Diego

Frankie and Grace actually got married 10 years ago. They decided it was time to renew their vows and have the whole shebang! They have two beautiful children that you will see throughout the video. For this recap, we really tried to highlight the emotion of the day. I was tearing up editing this wedding because I…

Yvonne -

wow, are those the cutest kids ever? and I definitely would love to have one of those raspberries in the chocolate cups too! Beautiful job as always 🙂

Gary -

Great video work, as usual, you two.

Trisha -

who sings the song in this video?

SidebySide Video -

Frankie J sings this song 🙂

coco -

what is the name of the song frankie j sings in the video?! i very like the song, please tell me. thanks!

SidebySide Video -

Hey there, the song is called “Worth the Wait” 🙂