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Karina and Todd – Dance Montage – Coronado

FUN FUN FUN! is all we can say about this couple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have this much fun at their wedding before! They had almost everyone on the dance floor the whole time, which makes for an awesome dance sequence… So, hold tight, let this video load for a minute and…

Ziba -

sarita is in it but only caught a few glimpses of me in the green! great video though. please dont stop the music!

SidebySide Video -

oh, sorry! hope you enjoyed it anyway 🙂

Karina and Todd Wedding Teaser Trailer

On May 10th we got to shoot the wedding of Karina and Todd. They are an awesome couple, so much fun to be around and great dancers! They got everyone on the dance floor and definitely had a great time on their wedding day. The dancing shots are still to come, but we decided to…

Nicole Viola -

oooh! you hooked me! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Ziba -

can’t wait to see it! i have a feeling there are some dancing shots im in …what fun!

Susie Linquist -

Love this one!