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Library Media Technicians – Promotional Video

Weddings are all we have been posting lately and there are still a bunch more coming up but I thought I would throw in something a little different today! This is a little side project we got the opportunity to work on. My mom is a librarian in the schools and she and some colleagues…

Yvonne -

Thank you so much for creating this video for us. It was shown at the California School Library Association’s Annual Conference on Nov. 20, 2009 as part of our presentation called “Energizing your Library through Collaboration and Promotion.” One of the vendors from Follett saw it at our presentation and he asked if he could have a copy to show his salespeople who his customers are. Our purpose was to capture a bit of what we do in the school libraries, and I want to thank you for going to four different sites to show such a nice variety of activities. Thanks again for your hard work, you guys are amazing!!!!