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Tiffany and Aaron – Recap Video – Dana Point Marina Inn

Tiffany and Aaron had a wonderful wedding up at the Orange County Sailing and Events Center. I’ve actually known Tiffany since we were in kindergarten and we spent years in girl scouts together! hah. So you might notice in the recap that I’m one of the bridesmaids! This made videography a bit tricky but Jared…

Yvonne -

I agree with your two favorite things. Caleb is the cutest little guy, and that is the first time I have seen a “just married” sailboat heading off into the night. Tiffany, you were a beautiful bride! Congrats!

Tiffany Via -

My video is simply amazing. Danielle and Jared put together such a wonderful video for my family, the sound and picture quality blew me away. They did a great job of capturing the mood and priceless moments of our wedding with superb style and quality.

Aaron and I thank you both so much for your hard work.

Mrs. Tiffany Via