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Esther and Sam – Wedding Recap – Princeton New Jersey

We are so honored that Sam and Esther flew us out for their wedding. They were actually friends of Esther and Tae (who are from Philly) and that’s how they found out about us! We had never been to New Jersey so it was a fun trip for us too. We even saw fireflies for…

Rebecca Styers -

Great job guys!!! What an amazing location to shoot at. I bet they got some really good pictures too. They did steal our song though… haha. I can’t really blame them, it’s pretty good.

Christine Miao -

The video was fantastic and very well done! It’s kind of weird seeing us in the video but kind of neat at the same time, haha! Great working with you two 🙂

Sharon -

Love the wedding video at Princeton! Great night video with lights…!

Jeff -

Love the video! you guys were awesome: fun loving, kind, hard working and lovable. It was a pleasure to meet you and i highly recommend you. I have two more daughters and would love to fly you out again! Thank you for the great video that you made. Small correction, it was not the mother of the groom, but it was my dear wife, mother/step mother of the bride who made not only the sweet birds, but the cookies, the place cards, the table arrangements, the candy bar, etc. just wanted to make sure she knew how much she is appreciated and loved. We love you Sam and Esther and side by side for recording the memories!

SidebySide Video -

thanks for the wonderful compliments everyone! Jeff, I made the correction, sorry about that! Thanks for flying us out, we had a great time, your friends and family were so wonderful to be around. We love what we get to do!

Esther Fabian -

I loved the video! I keep watching it over and over again hehe. Thank you so much for coming all the way out to share these precious memories together including you both witnessing fire flies for the first time =). Sam and I hope that God will continue to use you both and bless your lives!