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Promo Film – DJ David Cutler

David was so much fun to work with!! We have worked a few weddings with him over the years so when he asked us to work on a promo film for his website, we were so excited. It was fun being able to use footage from past weddings we’ve done together and then get to…

The Bullet Points – Project Launch

The Bullet Points recently had us shoot a launch film for them. The purpose was to give a little taste of what they are all about–reviews, field testing and information related to firearms, tactical equipment, tactical training, camping / outdoor gear, survival equipment, and disaster preparedness. This film was really fun to capture and edit…

Lisa and Brent – Engagement Fusion Project – Solana Beach

We have a very very fun video to share with you all! We collaborated with Seth and Dez of Zelo Photography to do a “behind the scenes” fusion shoot of their engagement session. All four of us are shooting this couple’s wedding next weekend so you will see more of Lisa and Brent soon! We…

Yvonne -

Wow, that shoot looked like a lot of fun. Zelo’s shots are amazing, I especially liked the ones outside of the movie theatre at night!

Zelo Photography -

TONS of fun, you guys. Can’t wait for the next one! Great job on the video…it was awesome!

Leon Sandoval -

Hey! Just thought I’d say hello and give you guys a BIG high five for this video! It’s outstanding! Great work.

Sharon -

Great promo video. Zelo photography is amazing.

D’Angelo Couture – San Diego

We had the great opportunity to work with Diane D’Angelo at the end of the year and do a little video for her business. She owns a dress shop in San Diego and also designs jewelry, headpieces and the like. Here’s our favorite still from the video…HOT!! And here is the video! We’re pretty excited…

Anonymous -

Awesome work you two!!!


Susie Linquist -

Fabulous as usual!

Digital Capacitor : -

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