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Denise + Ivan – Mt Woodson Wedding

One of our favorite things about living and working in San Diego is just the variety of people and venues we get to work with. There is no lack of things to do or places to see here. That includes choosing a wedding venue. You can get married at the beach, or at a castle!…

Brittany + Ryan – San Diego Wedding Films

I’m pretty sure 80% of this couple’s ceremony was composed of vows to each other, that just gives you an idea of their relationship! They are so cute and sweet with each other. I mean just look at his face while she’s walking down the aisle, and that’s after he’d already seen her for the…

Bethany + Drew – San Diego Wedding Films

Bethany and Drew had a destination wedding out here with their friends and family from Nebraska! It was one of our random rainy days that we’ve been having but fortunately it was only a sprinkle and they still had an amazing time celebrating. They had a travel theme with their postcards guest book and destination…

Talia + Chad – Temecula Wedding Films

Talia and Chad are so cute! They wrote the sweetest notes to each other. They gave thoughtful gifts and had a only the closest of friends and family in their bridal party. The light was just beautiful at this wedding and we had so much fun getting to know these two. Hope you enjoy their…

Elizabeth Glass -


Chad Fraser -

I love you Talia Christine Fraser!! You rock me

Paul Kennedy -

Beautiful! What an emotional video. It almost made me cry. But I didn’t. Then I remembered the tear jerk trick Chad showed me, so I tried it. It worked good. Then I watched the rest of the video through watery eyes.

Diane Delatorre -

Such a beautiful love story

Jacquelyn MacDonald -

So Sweet. This wedding will always be in my memory as the most loving, most godly gathering I have ever had the privilege of being included in. I love you both and I know God has amazing plans for you as one! XO Jax

Cathy Majid -

This so completely shows the love, respect and admiration you both share with and for each other. It will be a great privilege to watch the love grow and touch everyone that comes in contact with Mr and Mrs Chad Fraser.

Tina DeCola -

Loved this

Linda Milbrandt -

WOW!! Beautiful you could feel the love ❤️

John Fraser -

That is awesome!! I did cry

Brittany + Zach – San Diego Wedding Films

I have to say, we’ve never had bride say she wanted to get dressed in a barn full of hay, but when you have cool couples, you never know what’s going to happen! There were such fun unique details at this wedding that we loved. Brittany and Zach have been together since high school and…

Kara + Jared – San Diego Wedding Films

Kara and Jared had a beautiful wedding! We had a lot of fun with them and with the past and future clients we ran into at this wedding! We just love being able to catch up with people we’ve worked with before, so fun! Kara’s dress was so unique and we loved the animal name…

Kelsey + Brian – San Diego Wedding Films

Brian and Kelsey are just so much fun to be around! We had a great time with them shooting their love story film and then even more fun shooting their New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. The centerpieces were all fun things for the New Year’s party which was awesome. They each love surprises but also…