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Nicole + Matt – San Diego Wedding Films

 Nicole and Matt tied the knot at the house where Nicole grew up! They did a great job turning the property into a wedding venue and everything was just lovely. We loved her wedding ring and hair piece, so unique!! What a great couple, we had a great time with you two 🙂 Vendors: Music…

Elexcis + Joseph – San Diego Wedding Films

What a beautiful family! Elexcis and Joseph with their two baby boys made their love official and said their ‘I do’s’. They had a beautiful day with lots of awesome people. We loved the dancing the bride did with her sisters and her solo number for the groom. We wish the best for your sweet…

Diane Desiderio -

You guys are the best!

Nenet Perea -

Wow! Thank you for sharing, It’s our pleasure to be a part of your big day! CONGRATULATION.

Maria & Bob – Admiral Kidd Club – San Diego Wedding Cinema

Hey everyone, we had so much fun with Maria, Bob, the bridal party and all the dogs! Everyone had such a great time, as you can see, throughout the entire day. And I loved her idea for table themes. They decorated each table with souvenirs and colors from different countries and places they’ve traveled to….

Nizme -

Awesome video!

Teresa Gregorio -

Great Video, just wish you would of given me the notes before hand so I wouldn’t sound like an idiot.

Luynh & Vu – San Diego Wedding Cinema

We really had a wonderful time working (and continuing to be FB friends) with these guys! Luynh actually does event planning and card making and is awesome at it. She planned her entire event including making her own decorations. She did a ton of work on this wedding and it showed. Just so you have…

Sara and Adam – Orfila Winery – Escondido

What a great venue! We were thrilled with the lighting at this wedding and thought everything in general turned out great for Sara and Adam. We’ve actually worked weddings with Sara before since she has been Krista’s assistant for quite a while. It was so fun to hang out with all the vendors at this…

Helena -

I love the rings dropping in the vase! Great recap!

Josh from Orfila -

Sara and Adam! Awesome video, your wedding looked like a lot of fun, sorry I missed it but I had other things happening that weekend haha

Sara and Pat – Darlington House – La Jolla

Wow are these two in love…seriously…it was so cute 🙂 I was listening to Sara talk about Pat while she was getting ready, she really missed him – aww! They had a great wedding at the Darlington House. They really wanted to make their ceremony unique and so they took traditions from different cultures and…

Bethel Nathan -

Kudos on another gorgeous video done for a terrific couple! You guys do such wonderful work, and truly bring out the loving relationship through your scenes and moments captured. It is an honor to work with you!

Acres of Hope Photography -

Fantastic video, guys! So happy and sweet! I love it. 🙂

Danielle -

Ed Norton!

SidebySide Video -

yes danielle! that’s what i was going for 🙂

SidebySide Video -

and thanks bethel and erica, you did great work as well!!

SidebySide Video 2009 Promo Video!

We had SUCH a great year of weddings in 2009, we loved all our wonderful couples and enjoyed shooting their beautiful weddings! You might remember our 2008 recap from last year. 🙂 We are so excited to be sharing this video with you! Enjoy seeing all our beautiful brides and grooms from 2009! To all…

Sharon -

This is an amazing promo video!

Krista -

That was great!!!! It made me miss all my couples!!! Great job!!!Especially where the couiple was practicing and then they turned and they were actually dancing…incredible editing!!