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Sarah and John – Admiral Kidd Club – Point Loma

We had a great time with Sarah and John…actually it was strange because I remember Sarah way back from high school swimming days when competed against each other! They found us at the Bridal Bazaar and we hit it off…so here’s what we put together for their wedding day 🙂 They’ve been together since high…

Sarah and John -

Thank u sooo much Danielle and Jared for our awesome Wedding Video!!!!! You guys are soooo talented and sooo awesome
I watch the video everyday 🙂
Thank u sooo much again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah and John Bixler -


Carrie McCluskey -

I love it! Great job!!!

Jessica Hammen -

You two are extremely talented. Sarah and John’s video is beautiful and their wedding will forever be a wonderful memory. You two are very talented and will be an enormous success in this field. Keep up the great work!