Michael and Rebekah – July 27, 2007

One word to describe this wedding: classy! It was at the beautiful Pala Mesa Resort and was a gorgeous wedding and reception. One thing we do is put together montages throughout the wedding to get a sense for a part of the day without having to watch 3 hours of footage
(a “pre-wedding” or dancing montage for example). This is an example of a dancing montage and a very fun example. It’s a longer clip because it’s the whole montage, but it’s worth watching! They had everyone on the dance floor, young and old and if you are patient, about halfway through, you will see the father of the groom break dancing on the floor! You can see how much fun the bride and groom are having at their own wedding! I love editing the dancing montages because it is so fun to watch everyone and how happy they are and how much fun they are having at the wedding. It would also be fun to pull that out one day to show your kids “how badly uncle whoever danced back then!”

Watch and enjoy!