Mixed Media 80th Birthday Slide Show/Video

This family hired us for a birthday slide show but had just done an anniversary slide show 5 years earlier. They had told us that they really wanted to do something different. They figured if it just looked the same, what was the point? So we brainstormed about how we could make this slide show more unique than the typical baby-80 pictures. 

We added some interviews, lots of fun music and text boxes to tell more of a story. I loved the theme of showing pictures of what he was doing in life during the different times of history. It was also really neat that one of their children sang a song for it too!

So, sit back and enjoy a fun slide show/video!

video no longer available

p.s. I “bleeped” out a word at the end for the purposes of the blog but how fun is that, the family really had that in there for this guy’s birthday because they knew he thought it would be funny…