News Update – win…win…win!

So here’s a little (or long) news update since it has certainly been a while!!

First of all, we came in 3rd in the 10News A-List competition! Thanks to everyone who voted, you are all so awesome! We are really excited to have this honor 🙂

Over the summer we’ve been busy! One thing we did was enter a video into the San Diego Fair and it won first place! We got 2nd and 3rd last year so we’re really excited that we moved up this year. Here’s the award winning video:

One thing to say about that video too is that it is one example of a promo spot which we have so much fun doing! The cool thing is that they can look any way you want, more like a commercial like the one above or more like a highlight of how you work or just a cool fun video showing off your company’s personality. We have a few examples…Here’s one example, here’s another, and here’s another one. If you are interested in something like this for your business, please give us a call! We LOVE doing these and would love to work with you.

We also got to go on a trip this summer! One piece of advice that we have taken from other married couples when we got married was to make lots of good memories. We’ve really striven to follow that advice especially before we have kids and still have time to go lots of places…so here’s where we went this summer! We took two weeks and went to Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. Here is a teaser pic and I’ll post the video soon (after I catch up on some wedding videos)

Stay tuned…our next wedding recap video is from New Jersey!!