Event Cinema Workshop – Chicago

We had a wonderful time at the Event Cinema Workshop in Chicago a few weeks ago. We learned so much from Stillmotion, Pacific Pictures and Joe Simon Films. The first day we spent learning from the three and boy did we learn a lot! At the end of the first day we were put into random groups and were told that we would be working on a project the next day together. So that night we all got together with our groups to decide the roles for each person and plan the film. The rules: 4 hours to shoot a 30-60 second film, to the theme ‘Time’, edited to a particular piece of music, no dialogue and we had use of a model.

The second day we learned more and then broke off to shoot our films! It was a fun and challenging experience because we’re not used to being able to have so much control and planning out shots. Chicago was fun to shoot and our model turned out to be a great actress as well, which was a pleasant surprise. After we all finished shooting we all got the footage and every person could edit their own version. We just found out that my version of our team’s video was chosen as a finalist for some prizes that are on the line! So exciting 🙂

So…if I could ask once again, please take a minute to vote for my edit of Time (from Kevin’s team – team A woot!)

Here’s the video, click here to vote:

And here are some behind the scenes photos:

Here’s Jared’s edit of his team’s concept:

music from both films courtesy of With Ettiquette

again, thanks for getting us to this awesome workshop everyone, we really appreciate all the support! and we enjoyed seeing our bride, sylvia, from last year’s chicago wedding!! happy anniversary!