Hey SidebySide Cinema followers!

We have been posting our highlight films a bunch but you haven’t heard from us in a while. While learning all about parenthood (and still shooting weddings) this past six months, we’ve also been catching up on watching films, one of our favorite pastimes. Are you looking for some inspiration this spring season? Maybe you  just need a break from wedding planning? Then see this movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!

I am telling you, drop everything and go get it. It is such a great movie and so so refreshing. It’s the perfect mix of STORY (on of our favorite elements), character, comedy and romance. It is lighthearted but has amazing themes. We also love to travel and have now added Iceland and Greenland to our list of places we want to visit! Lately we feel like there have been so many films that are based on books, are remakes of older movies, or are just horrible ideas in general with no substance so we just had so much fun with this one.

Beautiful story, beautiful direction, beautiful shots, beautiful soundtrack… this is seriously a work of art!

we have some more films to share with you coming up, stay tuned!