Helpful Tips – Raw Footage Vs. Digital Delivery

Hey hey there everyone!

We thought it would be fun to blog more in depth about some of the things we offer to maybe help explain them a bit better. Two of the add ons we offer are raw footage and digital delivery but what do those even mean? What do you get when you order either or both?

Raw footage: This add on is all your raw files (everything we shoot at your wedding) unedited and delivered on a hard drive. Why would you purchase this? This add on is for those who want all their files for back up and have even more than the creative and documentary edits. We usually include some fun clips on your disc but for those who just want to see everything we shot in the raw, this is for you.

Digital delivery: This add on (you can swap your DVDs/Bluray for this or add on in addition to) is all of your edited files delivered on a thumb drive. We default delivery on DVD and Bluray but if you want to back up your edited files or play them directly from your TV, this is for you!

Hope that helps explain those a bit better!

Here are all of our deliverables!


These beauties are what we use to send your DVD and Blu-ray Disc:


And if you get the pen drive add on or exchange the discs for it, here’s what that looks like:




We can’t wait to deliver you your wedding film however you’d like to receive it!

 *thanks to for the amazing usb drives and boxes!