Cara + Ryan – Wedding Camping

Wedding camping? Yes you read that right. These two had an amazing wedding weekend at a sleep away camp. Growing up did you ever go to one of those? I grew up going to Hume Lake and wow, being here this weekend brought back all the nostalgia! The “campers” all checked in for the rehearsal dinner which was amazing. They had a bunch of wonderful speeches from their friends and a mess hall style meal of amazing mexican food. They even had personalized “red cups” for all the guests to take home and fun games to play in the rec room. The night ended with a super fun band and dancing the night away. Then all the guests went to their cabins and yurts for the night.

The next day was a beautiful day which began with all the guests playing games by the pool, zip lining and enjoying the beauty of being in the wilderness in the middle of Los Angeles. We just loved getting to be a part of this wedding because we filmed the groom’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, as well as his cousin and her sister’s weddings. So I think this is probably the record, having 4 of our couples in one place! We just absolutely loved catching up with everyone.

Cara got ready in her yurt and she and her sister were so sweet reading the note from Ryan. It is so clear that they are just meant to be from all the wonderful things people said about them all day and all the things we learned about them throughout the weekend, I mean aren’t they adorable? They had a first look on a pathway by the pond and all the anxieties of the day were washed away. The ceremony was under a beautiful tree and we had a first – a ring “bear”er! Ryan’s nephew dressed as a bear along with Cara’s grandma as the flower girl, so cute!

The reception was amazing, with strung up lights across the dance floor and a neon sign with the couples’ hashtag. Their first dance was amazing, the speeches were great and the dance floor was full the entire night. The band kept the party going and there was a cute champagne trailer as well. Honestly I could go on and on about this wedding, but we would love for you to just watch it yourself, please enjoy!


Wedding Camping

Wedding Camping

From the couple:

We just got back from being out of town yesterday and could not have been more thrilled to get our package from you!!!
The videos are….INCREDIBLE. We are completely blown away and are so thankful that you captured us so perfectly and we can watch this video for years and years to come!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedding Camping


Music – Marry You, by Brad Passons, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Camp Canyon Creek

Planner – Twenty Thirty Affairs

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – Jordan Bakey Photo

Champagne – The Bubble Tap Trailer

Officiant – Emily Hirshey

Bands – G3 Band and City Connection

Catering – Gina Feeds