2008 Highlights! – San Diego Videography

Jared and I are pleased to present our 2008 wedding highlight video! It’s a bit long, so let it load up. It has three pieces to it, a pre-wedding, ceremony and reception portion. We hope you enjoy watching some our 2008 brides and grooms on their wedding days!

[film no longer online]

Thanks to all our couples who made this year awesome 🙂
Rob Fikse -

Nice work! Love the Picture quality, the color looks great, and HD just looks sweet.

y brett -

Awesome video! Such beautiful brides and locations too. So many of your shots are creative and unique. I bet the couples loved their videos.

Jeanette -

Wow! Beautiful work! I don’t even know any of these brides and grooms and I found myself crying during the video.

Victoria -

LOVED IT!! You are a fantastic videographer! Fancy beautiful weddings too!!