2009 Scrabble-thon

February 7th marked the 5th annual Scrabble-thon! Escondido Library and the Center for Literacy contacted us to shoot this event for the library’s website. This is an awesome event that they have in order to raise money and promote literacy. They have an adult competition and a high school competition. It was really neat to see people of all ages enjoying a friendly competition of scrabble for a good cause!

So enjoy the video!
[film no longer online]
Yvonne -

Thank you so much for filming the Scrabble-thon and supporting literacy. It was a really fun day, and we raised around $7,000.

Anonymous -

What a beautiful video. This can only be a great asset to the Literacy Center in promoting future Scrabble-Thons. I enjoy SidebySide’s ability to film varying subjects! Thank you!- Julie Lopez, participant

Anonymous -

Fantastic footage of a fantastic event! Thanks to SidebySide Video for their time and generosity!