Trash the Dress – Dan and Shannon – North San Diego County

Like I’ve said before, I really hate calling these shoots “trash the dress” because many times the dress is not “trashed”. You can trash your dress, but in this case, Shannon did not. I did one of these sessions myself after our wedding and my dress was only a bit dirtier than before! Other things we might call this session would be “after wedding”, “bridal session”, “flaunt the dress” or “bridal elegance” but it seems that the most recognizable name for this kind of shoot is “trash the dress” so it remains 🙂

So we did “trash the dress” shoot with Dan and Shannon and Zelo Photography. I think both the moving and still images turned out great!

Here it is!

[film no longer online]

Yvonne -

Very nice! You found some interesting locations to shoot. The trains and the hubcaps almost look like you were on a movie set.

Rachel -

That was really awesome…I kinda want to get married just so I can have you guys do some fun stuff like that for us! Don’t tell matt!

Carly Bloomfield -

Wow – Guys that is amazing!!! I have just shown a few off my friends that, and they want to do it with their wedding dresses..People in Australia want you both…Look out! Wow well done

Fei -

Awesome video and editing!! Loved the homage to Twilight.

Dan Vandewarker -

Looks great! We had a great time. Thanks for for the video. It has been fun to send it to our friends.

Heather Lowery -

I love the location with the trains. Very cool!

Jim Cook -

Holy Crap!! Great content you guys!! Love the Jib shots!! -

Wow! This looks great!

Sharon -

Great video, pics, location, and couple.

Gary -

You used the lighting effectively–very entertaining

kristen -

love it! man every time i look at your work, i’m more impressed. you guys are so good.

jwjshgsgshjs -