Brooke and Brandon – Love Story/Slide Show – North San Diego County

We had an awesome time shooting Brooke and Brandon’s wedding last night at the Maderas Golf Club. One of their events was showing their “love story” video/slide show last night. Now that their wedding has happened, we can share their video with you! Brooke and Brandon really wanted to do something different for their video and we said, “That we can do!!!” They wanted something that really showed their personalities and hobbies while still giving some background to how they met and incorporating some of their friends and throwing in some pictures at the end. We think it turned out pretty funny.

If you’re planning your wedding and want something more than a photo slide show but aren’t sure how to do it, let us know and we’ll help you brainstorm.

So here’s what we came up with, it’s about 12 minutes long so let it load up first.

[film no longer online]

Brooke and Brandon, we had a great time shooting with you! You were great to work with and your guests loved it!

Stay tuned for their wedding clips coming up!