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Brooke and Brandon – Love Story/Slide Show – North San Diego County

We had an awesome time shooting Brooke and Brandon’s wedding last night at the Maderas Golf Club. One of their events was showing their “love story” video/slide show last night. Now that their wedding has happened, we can share their video with you! Brooke and Brandon really wanted to do something different for their video…

Brooke and Brandon - Love Story/Slide Show -

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Jim -

This was the best wedding I have ever been to. It was a remarkable combination of incredible elegance and slapstick comedy. No one will be able to top this. Those kids are so talented, and so much in love.

Yvonne -

That video was a lot of fun. We especially liked the cop story…two 10’s…funny 🙂

Gary -

Now this is great fun–love the documentary feel

Sharon -

Amazing video of a love story! What a fun, talented couple.