Heidi and Jimmy declared their vows at the beautiful Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos. They totally lucked out having a beautifully sunny wedding day during our unusually wet San Diego winter! And the weather wasn’t even that cold for January. The guys were at the venue first. They spent a chunk of time working on the coffee for everyone. French press coffee, that is. Heidi and Jimmy are coffee connoisseurs and wanted to make sure their guests had only the best. Jimmy also set up a bunch of bubble machines for the ceremony.

Heidi and her bridesmaids arrived a little later. They helped Heidi and Jimmy exchange gifts and notes. Jimmy made a bunch of memory books for Heidi and she bought him a new travel bag. They had a great time hanging out with their friends and getting ready. Heidi was just adorable and you could just see the joy and excitement in her face!

The ceremony was so awesome because they didn’t see each other ahead of time. Jimmy’s face was just the best when he finally got to see his bride walk down the aisle. One of Jimmy’s mentors officiated the ceremony and had some great advice and their personal vows were endearing. They had a bubble recessional at the end of the ceremony and had some photo time while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.

The reception was decorated in books and leaf garland. The guests enjoyed their delicious coffee. After many of the reception events they also enjoyed cupcakes, ice cream and carne asada fries for late night treats. There were very sweet toasts and endless dancing. These two had a magical wedding and we hope you enjoy watching!

From the couple:

We got the video in the mail. We are dying…Dying because it’s so AMAZING and we can’t figure out how to recommend you guys to more people without blowing up the internet!!! Thank you guys for doing SUCH SUCH SUCH an awesome job.

Green Gables Wedding Estate


Music – Be my Wife, by Mikey Wax, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Green Gables Wedding Estate

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – Photoflood Studio

DJ – Pacific Entertainment



In an effort to provide better services to our couples, we are now (beginning April 1) offering an online video tutorial service for our couples. This service will encompass the always dreaded tie tying and pocket square folding. We’ve compiled a team of experts to learn this craft to teach you these skills and save you time on your wedding day. If you act now, and use the code “aprilfoolsday” we’ll include a free pocket square. Contact us today!

April 1

 P.S. Thanks to all our awesome couples over the years! We seriously love you guys and we have to let you know a little secret. We are right there with you on the napkin and ties…since we never have to use them!

Happy April everyone!




Whitney and Alan had a beautiful November wedding at Villa De Amore Temecula. That venue is just perfect for weddings. They have so many beautiful spots for photos and they just know weddings. Whitney and Alan had so many fun details at this wedding. First they gave each other the sweetest gifts during the getting ready time. Alan gave Whitney a super soft and huge blanket with details from their whole relationship printed on it. She loved it and it was just so thoughtful. Whitney gave Alan a personalized humidor for his cigars which he also loved. The wedding party all had a great time and the flower girl was just so adorable!

They didn’t see each other before the ceremony and so it was so fun to watch Alan as she came down the aisle. Another detail that was really neat was the love lock on a picture frame. During the ceremony they locked it together. The officiant performed a wonderful ceremony with very encouraging words. He even included some funny things like signs from their favorite sports teams.

After the ceremony the guests enjoyed cocktail hour both inside and outside. Inside there were cute photos of the couple. In the reception area there were the most fabulous donuts for all the guests to enjoy. The other decor was beautiful and just great. Later, after photo time and cocktail hour, all the guests came inside for the reception activities.

They had a grand entrance and first dance and then the guests enjoyed dinner. There was a photo booth and a cigar roller! So many of the guests enjoyed that. One of the other fun things was when Whitney asked us to film a #mannequinchallenge for them. It was so fun since we haven’t had a couple ask for that before. This was our last wedding of 2016 and it was such a great way to end the year. Congratulations you two!

Hope you enjoy!

Villa de Amore Temecula


Music – The Adventure, by the Royal Foundry, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Villa de Amore Temecula

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photographer – Melissa Jewel Photography

DJ – Ross Creations

Officiant – David Cutler

Catering – VDA Catering

Flowers – Soiree Custom Design

Bakery – Elegance on Display

Photobooth – No ka ‘oi Photobooth

Cigar Roller – Mi Havana Cigar House

Jacqueline and Thomas are just the cutest!! They traveled all the way from Texas to have a Southern CA beach wedding. The La Jolla Shores Hotel was a beautiful venue. They got married in November and had the absolute best weather. They gave each other gifts and wrote each other cards. I just loved Jacqueline’s boat shoes, perfect for walking down the sandy aisle. She had a gorgeous bouquet with photos of lost loved ones attached and adorable vow books. She and her mom just were so cute while they were getting her ready. They were telling stories and laughing. The guys had a good time getting ready as well. They had really sweet suits and just relaxed while overlooking the ocean.

Jacqueline and her dad had a first look together that was so sweet. Then she had a first look with Thomas and they took a bunch of photos with all of their close family and friends. It was so wonderful to see so many people who care about them traveling to their wedding!

They had a sweet ceremony on the sand overlooking the waves. The two wrote sweet vows and the officiant had some wise words for them. There were flocks of seagulls flying overhead and there were the most beautiful blue skies that day. I loved the little flower girl coming down the aisle so slowly and carefully.

The cocktail hour was so lovely and I thought the driftwood name cards were sweet. La Jolla Shores Hotel has such a nice patio for cocktail hour. All the cute signs that they found to decorate with were such a great touch. The reception was on another beautiful patio facing the ocean and sunset. They had a few more really cute signs and beachy decor around the tables. Jacqueline’s dad gave a touching speech along with the wedding party. And everyone had a great time on the dance floor while enjoying a beautiful dessert spread!

Hope you enjoy!

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Music – Never Stop (Wedding Version) by SafetySuit, licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – La Jolla Shores Hotel

Planner – I Do Weddings

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – Melissa Wiley

DJ – Mobile Music

Flowers – I Do Weddings

It was so fun getting to meet and work with Tina and Junior. They got ready down at the Sheraton San Diego. The guys were just full of laughs and were joking and teasing each other the whole time. It was great when the guys all lined up chasing Junior with his jacket. The ladies were having a super fun time as well. Tina thought it would be a fun surprise for all the ladies to wear vampire teeth for the photo session since their wedding was so close to Halloween. A lot of the getting ready time consisted of the girls trying to figure out how to put the teeth in. It was definitely the first time we’d seen that!! Tina’s dress and jewelry were fantastic, so glamorous and fancy. And her purple highlights were so cute!

Junior and Tina had a quick first look before the whole wedding party headed to Balboa Park for photo time. It was super crazy there. There was some Halloween celebration going on and there were kids in costume everywhere! The wedding party had tons of fun, especially with the girls in their fangs. They were definitely all having a great time.

The ceremony was at a Chaldean Church in San Diego. The sun was going down and the sky was beautiful! Their ceremony was meaningful and sweet. After the ceremony everyone went back to the Sheraton San Diego. The family and wedding party took more photos while the rest of the guests were having cocktail hour. I loved the reception decor, it was incredible! All the orchids and the sunken tables were fantastic. We’ve never seen that before. There were some more Halloween hints at the sweets table and the head table was just, wow!

Reception time was super high energy from the grand entrance to the Chaldean dances to the lion dances. Everyone had a really good time and I don’t think the dance floor was ever empty. We hope you enjoy this beautiful wedding!

Sheraton San Diego


Music – Counting Stars (Inst.) by One Republic – Licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – Sheraton San Diego

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – La Vida Creations


Villa de Amore is always such a lovely venue for weddings! Nataly and Jack got engaged on a hot air balloon which is so awesome and romantic! The pair weaved hot air balloons throughout their entire wedding down to Nataly’s fingernail polish. Everyone got ready at a house nearby where Jack gave his groomsmen awesome gifts. Bridesmaids and groomsmen all toasted and got dressed in their Chinese ceremony garb.

At Villa de Amore Nataly gave her girls gifts and then we headed over to the Chinese ceremony. Nataly and Jack had a traditional tea ceremony before their American ceremony. It was sweet and a nice start to the day! After their Chinese ceremony, Nataly and Jack got ready again. The guys played pool while they got ready and the girls helped Nataly change. She looked so lovely in her second dress. The details on the back were so cool. Once they were ready, they had a first look. We just loved how smiley these two were when they were together.

Their ceremony had a gorgeous clouded backdrop. They had lovely personal vows and their hot air balloon theme was included in their sand ceremony and their officiant mentioned it as well. Jack was just so silly and giddy, so endearing! After their ceremony the two walked the beautiful Villa de Amore grounds for photos with their wedding party. The guests enjoyed cocktail hour both inside and outside.

Their reception was a lot of fun. They played the shoe game and a game where all the guests passed around photos of the couple like hot potato. They had an amazing dessert spread and their cake topper was so adorable! We had a wonderful time with these lovely people. Hope you enjoy their film!

Villa de Amore

Music – Home, by the Summer Saints, licensed through Songfreedom
Venue – Villa de Amore
Film – SidebySide Cinema
Photography – Leah Marie Photography
DJ – Ross Creations
Cake – Elegance on Display
Flowers – Soiree Designs

We just loved hearing all about Suzan and Jimmy’s wonderful story. Their US Grant Hotel wedding was so grand and decadent. All the details were superb, down to the thousands of feathers on her dress. Her getting ready room was so pretty and I had so much fun shooting with the light in there. So many gorgeous details! Jim was sweet and sent all the girls their favorite drink to toast with and Suzan sent Jimmy a watch for a gift. The guys enjoyed hanging out at the bar for a while before getting ready. The two decided not to have a first look and when you see the look on his face as she’s walking down the aisle, you’ll see it was worth it.

Suzan’s two sons walked her down the aisle and Jim’s face just says it all. They found each other after a long time and their beautiful vows were so heartfelt. Their ceremony was just so sweet. All the candles and flowers made it so romantic. They had people sign wine bottles that they’d open up over the coming  years instead of doing a guest book. Cocktail hour was upstairs with so many awesome types of food and live music. The happy couple walked through the downtown streets to take a bunch of photos until the reception.

The reception details were amazing. Their sweetheart table with all the candles, the flowers and the room as a whole were just great. They had a live band performing as everyone walked in and they performed many of the event songs. Suzan and Jimmy had their first dance and then she had a special dance with her sons. Once it got dark, they had the US Grant Hotel lit up in pink for their special day! Everyone was on the dance floor having a great time.

We hope you enjoy this lovely wedding!

US Grant Hotel


Music – Hold On (Inst.) by Kathryn Ostenberg – licensed through Songfreedom

Venue – US Grant Hotel

Planner – Bliss Events

Film – SidebySide Cinema

Photography – Garrett Richardson Photography

Design – Concepts Event Design

Flowers – Organic Elements

Dessert – Extraordinary Desserts

Band – Bonnie Foster Productions

Photobooth – Pixster

Chairs – Chiavari Chairs of San Diego


US Grant Hotel Wedding | Suzan & Jim - Garrett Richardson Photography -

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