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SidebySide Video 2009 Promo Video!

We had SUCH a great year of weddings in 2009, we loved all our wonderful couples and enjoyed shooting their beautiful weddings! You might remember our 2008 recap from last year. 🙂 We are so excited to be sharing this video with you! Enjoy seeing all our beautiful brides and grooms from 2009! To all…

Sharon -

This is an amazing promo video!

Krista -

That was great!!!! It made me miss all my couples!!! Great job!!!Especially where the couiple was practicing and then they turned and they were actually dancing…incredible editing!!

Lisa and Brent – Teaser Trailer – Prado Balboa Park

Hey everyone, Lisa and Brent got married March 29th at the Prado in Balboa Park. We shot their engagement session a few weeks back with Zelo in this post. They had a gorgeous ceremony and reception! We will definitely post more on their wedding once we finish the video but for now, here is the…

Yvonne -

Gorgeous couple and fantastic location. Can’t wait to see what the rest of video will look like.

Jeff -

Beautiful video. Very nice camera movements. I also like color/tone effects.

Sharon -

Great video and beautiful venue.

Desiree -

LOVE IT!! It was really awesome working with you guys! I can’t wait to see the final video.

Gary -

I like the blend of practice dance with the real thing

Emily and Nathan Wedding Highlights – A cute backyard wedding

Emily and Nathan were our last wedding of 2008 and were another great couple, of course! They had a church wedding and a backyard reception around a pool. We used music from Last of the Mohicans, which was one of the songs during their ceremony as well.I like how crazy everyone got with the glow…

Jeff -

This is great story-telling! Wonderful progression of this couple’s wedding day.

Sharon -

Great wedding highlights. Love the glow sticks.

Bridal Bazaar – 2009 – San Diego Convention Center

Hey everyone, We had a great time at the Bridal Bazaar on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited our booth. We invite you to visit our website www.sidebysidevideo.com to see sample video clips and find out more information. Call us soon to set up a time to meet about your wedding date!…

2008 Highlights! – San Diego Videography

Jared and I are pleased to present our 2008 wedding highlight video! It’s a bit long, so let it load up. It has three pieces to it, a pre-wedding, ceremony and reception portion. We hope you enjoy watching some our 2008 brides and grooms on their wedding days! [film no longer online] Thanks to all…

Rob Fikse -

Nice work! Love the Picture quality, the color looks great, and HD just looks sweet.

y brett -

Awesome video! Such beautiful brides and locations too. So many of your shots are creative and unique. I bet the couples loved their videos.

Jeanette -

Wow! Beautiful work! I don’t even know any of these brides and grooms and I found myself crying during the video.

Victoria -

LOVED IT!! You are a fantastic videographer! Fancy beautiful weddings too!!

Katherine and Shane – the wedding – Loews Coronado Hotel

As you could see from Katherine and Shane’s teaser, they had a pretty awesome and gorgeous wedding. I’m actually going to post 2 video montages from their wedding. The first one is their pre-wedding montage. This one is a little different from most because we incorporated pictures along with the video. Heather from Vallentyne photography…

Shane and Katherine – Teaser

Here is our second to last teaser of the year. Shane and Katherine got married at the Loews Coronado Hotel. It was a gorgeous venue and their decorations, cake and wedding dress were pretty awesome too! After you see the teaser, you’re definitely going to want to see more!And we’ll have more very soon so…